STARBUCKS: My Second Home

Friday, May 3, 2013

Hey guys! The summer heat is really getting into my nerves. ACs don't seem to help a lot than usual and leaving the house seems like a nightmare. Anyway, enough about the rantings, this entry is all about a place I consider my haven, Starbucks. Be it any branch from north to south, in or out of the country (well, I've only been to Singapore but I wish to travel more), Starbucks has always made me feel like I'm home. So imagine my grief after finding out that the branch dearest to me, Starbucks PM Apartments in Diliman Q.C. is closing permanently. Not that I'm there everyday like I used to when I was studying for boards, but having them there has always made me feel lucky. Lucky to have a branch in my community approximately 3 to 4 blocks away. Lucky that I can just go there anytime and stay for as long as I can when I feel like it.

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The news came to me last April 30 when I decided to have coffee before heading home. I was greeted by their cordial staff and I realized I miss being recognized especially by a bunch of people who has somehow become a part of my countless review sessions in the past. They gave me a complimentary drink up size so I asked why. They said it was their last day and they're transferring to a bigger place come July. Well the good news is that it's just across the street and they need 2 months to get the new place up and running so it's not too bad right?

Being the sentimental person I've always been, I couldn't help but reminisce the times I spent there with friends and family. Instances when we were there for the entire day while reviewing, several times spent there just hanging out after a day's work and a few occasions when going to Starbucks was implied after a night out. My emo mode was cut short when one of the baristas approached my table to give me this..

It may just be a generic letter to all the customers but the contents made me feel appreciated and thought of. The recognition of being one of their loyal customers is heart warming and the complimentary drink for me is just down right thoughtful.

I'll surely miss this place, my second home not too far away from mine but I'll be looking forward to their return. To all the wonderful staff of Starbucks PM Apartments, thank you for brewing with us in the past 5 years and we're more than excited to welcome you back in our community the soonest possible time so please don't take too long.

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