DIET DIVA: Day 5 (Late Post)

Friday, June 7, 2013

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Hey everyone! This is it, my last day with Diet Diva and I'm having mixed emotions about it but before anything else, let me first give you a review on my 5th and final day with Diet Diva.

Good thing Diet Diva delivers early, I was able to eat breakfast before my morning Zumba Class. I had Canadian Ham Sandwich for breakfast and skipped the hot choco since I'm really not a hot choco gal. At first I thought I wouldn't like it since the ham looked undercooked but after heating it in the toaster for a few minutes it tasted really good so I'm giving it .

Lunch consisted of Bicol Express with Red Mountain Rice. I love that it wasn't too spicy hence bringing out the real flavor of the dish and that they included a generous amount of lean pork. This dish really tasted so great so I'm giving it .

My last meal for the day, Steamed Chicken Strips with Broccoli and Potatoes, seemed to answer my wishful thoughts in the past days. I've been telling you that the potatoes in my previous meals were all half cooked which is how they were suppose to be but I really want mine soft so I've been setting them aside. The potatoes in this meal however were soft but not mushy, just the way I like it so I'm giving it .

Overall, my five-day experience with Diet Diva has truly been amazing! They have excellent delivery service because they never failed to deliver on time and the meals are always carefully packed and secured without spillage. The portion sizes are realistic and can get you through the day with minimal cravings. I also have to mention that the food they deliver are exactly the same with what they post on their Facebook and Instagram accounts so they're not just for show. I feel like the meals are carefully planned and thought of  because they never repeated a single dish during my program. Most importantly, their meals taste really good!

As for the results, I lost 3.6 lbs in just one week! Of course I was also involved with Zumba thrice a week but I can still say Diet Diva helped me achieve this. I feel like Diet Diva helped change my perception of following a diet and that it taught me discipline in terms of food choices and portion sizes. That I can control the amount and most especially the kind of food I take in. Since I wasn't able to register for next week, I think with a hopeful heart that I can pull it off on my own.

Lastly, I am highly recommending Diet Diva to those who are having a hard time starting and keeping a diet. I think a week experience can already jump-start your way to a healthy lifestyle. If you're on a tight budget like I was before I started with Diet Diva, I strongly suggest you set a few things aside and save up to register. This might just be the right start you've been waiting for.

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