DIY: Dry Your Brushes Vertically

Sunday, July 7, 2013

You don't have to be an expert to know that cleaning your brushes should be a habit in order to maintain healthy skin. It may seem like a chore sometimes but you have to do it eventually. One more thing I don't enjoy about cleaning my brushes is drying them. I used to do it by laying the brushes over paper towels but they take forever to dry. Later on I learned from other makeup enthusiasts that you can speed up drying time by letting the brushes stand vertically using brush guards. 

What if you don't own brush guards or other fancy tools for drying brushes like the Sigma Dry'n Shape? Well don't worry about it because I recently got an idea from Pinterest that I can't wait to share with you!

Admit it, above image is indeed a CLEVER idea! To do this, use any elastic band like a rubber band or hair tie. First step is to insert the brush in the band, then loop it over a towel rail and finally, hook it back on the brush handle. It's that easy!

Notice how I got to use different elastic bands like a pony tail, a thin rubber band and several thick ones. You may use any of them but I prefer the hair tie because it's easier to adjust and manipulate. 

I really love this idea because it's so witty yet simple that anyone can do it. It also requires zero skills and minimal materials. It helped me save money because now I don't need to get myself Sigma's Dry'n Shape or a brush tree just to dry my makeup brushes. Who would've thought elastic bands are all you need in drying your precious tools? So what are you waiting for? Show some love for your skin and clean your brushes regularly. Try this technique and let me know what happens. Thank you for reading and have a blessed week! 

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