NYX: Official Boutique Opens in Manila

Friday, July 12, 2013

Anyone who's interested in cosmetics is at least familiar with NYX. I for one have been wanting to own most of their products since I discovered their existence a couple of years ago but unfortunately during that time, they were only available in a few physical shops with limited choices.

Although NYX is widely sold in the internet nowadays, a fair amount of risk is still involved when shopping online for cosmetics. Authenticity tops the list followed by product quality, cost and most importantly, sample swatches seen online may not look the same in person. This is why my world was in suspended animation when I saw this..

Yes, it's finally here! NYX just opened its very first boutique in the country at the upper ground floor of The Annex SM North Edsa, Quezon City last Friday, July 5. I didn't know about it until this morning when I saw those three iconic letters just as we were headed back to the parking area. I stopped for a moment and all I could think of was to take pictures as if I needed them to prove I'm not dreaming.

The store has a huge area which is really great because I expect it to be always jam packed with customers once the word gets out that they're here. There were only three display shelves, one is located near the entrance and two are placed beside each other near the makeup area. A couple of tables displaying several other products can be found near the cashier in the middle of the store.

The first thing I asked the lovely Sales Assistants was their opening day and I literally gushed with excitement telling them how happy and amazed I was to finally be in a NYX boutique. They were both really nice and encouraged me to look around.

There were a lot of familiar products on display like the Love in Rio eye shadows, Nude on Nude palettes, round lipsticks, The Curve eyeliner, butter glosses and many more! I wanted so much to see everything I ended up circling the entire store more than thrice before finally getting a few stuff I've been itching to try.

If you're wondering why I have two bags, it's because I came back a few minutes after making my first purchase. I figured I wanted more so I got these..

I got the Jumbo Lip Pencil, Jumbo Eye Pencil and AUTO eyebrow pencil for 300 Php each then a Stick Blush for 390 Php. Okay, they seem over priced compared to online sellers but the main advantage is I got to try all of them before purchasing and they all look pretty amazing. I'll be posting a review in the next days so do check back in when you can.

Overall, I love that NYX finally opened a boutique in Manila and is just a mall visit away from us. Now we have the advantage of going through their stuff and trying them before we purchase. The prices are still reasonable but online sellers are still cheaper by a few pesos so if you're pretty sure of which shade of lipstick, eyebrow pencil, blush or eyeshadow you want, you may still buy them from reputable online stores. Otherwise, it's still best to see first what you intend to splurge on. 

How about you? Are you as excited as I am about having a NYX boutique in Manila? Tell me what you think on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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