Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hey guys! I would've raved about being off work for 4 days straight if it weren't for the heavy downpour of rain and flooded areas around the metro. Let's all pray for better days and hope that everyone is kept safe from harm.

Having stayed home in the past days, I was able to rearrange some stuff in my room, revisit my stash and saw this makeup tool I bought just recently. 

Cosmetic Sponge (200 Php)

This is a dupe for the most raved about cosmetic sponge, the Beauty Blender. I've seen and read about the wonders of using the Beauty Blender but I never considered buying one because of the hefty tag (1,050 Php). Also, I prefer flat top brushes when applying my BB Cream but when a friend offered this dupe for just a fraction of the Beauty Blender's cost, I couldn't help but give it a try. 

The shape is a bit different from a Beauty Blender because of the ridge in the middle of the sponge. I personally think that the ridge makes this sponge better because it's easier to hold on to the sponge when using it. 

The bottom has a round shape and is used in a patting motion to spread and even out your foundation or BB Cream. This portion of the sponge is best used on your forehead, cheeks and chin. 

The opposite end is pointed making it easier to reach the small corners of your nose and under eye areas. 

The sponge appears compact and is a bit rubbery in texture. It's really a nice tool for blending your foundation, tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. Just apply chosen product on your skin then even out by patting the sponge as if bouncing it all around your face to achieve that flawless finish. Just like a regular sponge, it's quite hard to clean so you might want to cleanse as often as possible to prevent it from getting really soaked with foundation. On a regular day, it takes more than 24 hours to dry completely but you can still use it damp because it's actually easier to use that way. 

Overall, I like this Beauty Blender dupe a lot and I'm buying a 2nd sponge so I can have a spare to use while waiting for the other one to dry. I highly recommend it to those of you who want a more affordable version of a Beauty Blender yet does the same great job. Thanks for reading and have a sunshiny day!



  1. Like you, I just couldn't cough out that 1K for a sponge. =(

    Where did you get this? It seems like a very good alternative (and is modeled to look like Sonia Kashuk's version of the beauty blender).

    1. Hi there! I got this from a friend who recently opened an online shop via facebook. Her facebook name is K's Trend. :)