ENHANCE COSMETICS: 15 Piece Makeup Brush Set

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hey everyone! Aside from being a voucher addict I'm also a skin care advocate and makeup enthusiast which is why I'm always on the look out for beauty related products with good quality yet affordable prices. 

There are times when I splurge a little on some things worth spending my money on but I also look for cheaper alternatives. Good thing we now live in this era when there are more than a few choices of almost everything in the market. Take makeup tools for instance. My first makeup kit was bought online directly from an international brand which took forever to get here and caused a painful dent on my budget. Years later after trying out locally available makeup brushes like Charm and Ellana, I can proudly say that I now patronize local brushes. 

After taking basic makeup class at The Makeup Artistry, I realized I lack a few more brushes needed to achieve a full look. Luckily, I watched Miss Say's You Tube video featuring a locally available brush set from Enhance Cosmetics. They were having a sale with 10% off the regular price on every item from makeup tools to cosmetics so I finally got myself a 15-piece makeup brush set.

The brush set comes in this really cute pink foldable pouch made of synthetic snake skin with magnetic locks on both ends.

The pouch unfolds into a long brush holder with a flap made of the same synthetic material that covers and protects the brushes. It has a netlike fabric carefully sewn to fit each brush handle securely. The brushes aren't labelled and there's no product insert telling you the name of each tool and what they're for so I just assumed which is which based on size, shape and overall appearance.

Top to bottom:
Face Brush: a densely packed large brush perfect for finishing powder application.
Blush Brush: a smaller brush that you can use to apply your blush or contour your face with.
Angled Brush: it has the size of a blush brush but comes with angled bristles best for contouring or applying blush.
Foundation Brush: a flat brush best used in spreading your liquid foundation for an evenly flawless finish. 

Concealer brush: this has the shape of a foundation brush but is much smaller making it easier to apply concealer to under eye areas, around the nose and on blemishes.
Large Shader brush: smaller than a concealer brush best for applying and blending of powder eye shadow or emollient-based products.
Small Shader brush: smaller than a regular shader brush used for precision shading of eye shadow.
Flat Definer brush: has a sharp, thin edge used to apply eye shadow along the upper and lower lash lines to create an easy thin line.

Lid Shader brush: has long, firm bristles used for precise application of deep shades on the crease.
Lip brush: a flat tapered brush best used for applying emollient or water based lip products.
Mini Lid Shader brush: has a fine and oval tapered tip for controlled application of color on precise areas of the lids.
Flat Angled brush: has flat bristles with angled tip used to define the brows.

Sponge Tip Applicator: the flat side may be used for applying eye shadow while the tip is ideal for smudging eye liner or placing a highlight color on your lid.
Lash brush: is firm and has a spiral looking shape best for applying mascara, separating lashes and grooming eye brows.
Eye brow comb and brush: the comb works to smooth brows for a more polished look while the brush sets brow shape and softens hair texture.

Aside from the pink color, I love the snake skin material of the pouch and the way it discreetly folds into a wallet size making it a great travel companion. The bristles are so soft that I initially thought they were made of synthetic fibers but they're actually made of goat hair. Each brush is densely packed with minimal shedding. The metal ferrules look good in black while the pink wooden handles look very feminine and are light weight for easy brush manipulation.

 Overall, I honestly think that this set can pull off a complete look. Although it would've been greater with a flat top brush instead of the flat foundation brush and a tapered blending brush instead of a sponge tip applicator. Quality wise, don't expect the high end look of MAC or Sigma brushes. The bristles, ferrules and handles aren't flawless but for its price (950 Php) this set is really a good steal.

Enhance Cosmetics 15-Piece Makeup Brush Set
Retail Price: 950 Php
Facebook: facebook.com/enhancecosmetics
Instagram: enhance_cosmetics
Email: enhance_cosmetics@yahoo.com

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