SHAWILL: Perfection & Natural Concealer

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing fine this week despite the recent  typhoon. If you were able to read my previous post, I mentioned buying several beauty related stuff from SM Centerpoint and one of them is a concealer raved about by many b/vloggers, the Perfection and Natural Concealer from Shawill.

 Using a concealer has never been my forte. My under eyes are way darker than the rest of my face which is why it really takes so much effort to even out my complexion. I always end up having cakey under eyes whenever I attempt to use a concealer. I later realized that all I needed was the right shade and formula.

Thanks to Miss Say, I finally got to try a concealer that nicely matches my skin tone, Shawill Perfecting and Natural Concealer #01.

I got this from Watsons for only 125 Php! Yes, it's that affordable which is why I think most people, myself included, misjudge this product even before giving it a try. Prior to buying the Shawill concealer, I almost bought Cover Girl and Olay Concealer Balm for 400+ Php, good thing I waited.

There were different shades of concealer on display but the sales rep pointed this one out, #01 Natural. Since I was running late and in a hurry, I trusted her completely and made the purchase without swatching (a big NO-NO when shopping for makeup) the product. Good thing the shade matches my skin tone naturally.

It comes in a small tube that resembles a lipstick, only bigger. This is a generous amount (9.2 grams) considering it only costs a fraction of the price of other brands. I love that it's handy so you can stuff it in your kikay kit to do touch ups in the middle of the day. 

This concealer is scent free and has a creamy texture that glides smoothly on your skin. A single layer is enough to get much of the product on your under eye areas. It can give medium to full coverage to even out dark circles around your eyes and blemishes or pimple scars on your face. Notice how the image above shows you that it diminished my hand's post IV scar. I've used this several times on my under eye areas and it lasted for a few hours without creasing. It's gentle on your skin and doesn't cause any adverse skin reactions even on sensitive areas. 

Above image shows you my left hand with a post IV scar.

It has a smooth, buttery texture that a single swipe is enough to get a good amount of the product.

Above image shows you how this concealer effectively diminished my scar to a minimum. The picture doesn't do much justice but when seen in person, you won't even notice the concealer on unless you take a closer look.

Overall, I have to say I really got lucky with my very first purchase of concealer. I highly recommend this to those who are still looking for a good concealer that doesn't cost much. It's really an affordable product that works effectively and is available in beauty sections of leading department stores nationwide. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a tube and see why I'm loving this concealer from Shawill. Have you tried this one out? What do you think? Do share your thoughts on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have good day!

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  1. I just bought this concealr yesterday and I love it.