TOKYO LOVE SOAP: First Impression

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hey everyone! I finally gave in to this much talked about soap from Japan more popularly known as the Tokyo Love Soap or TLS. I had second thoughts on buying from online local sellers since I've been a victim of fraudulent ones in the past. I thought of buying directly from a Japan based legitimate supplier but the added expense of shipping as well as customs fee discouraged me to do so.

I became more confident in buying one online after reading a blog post at and finding out from the manufacturers of Tokyo Love Soap that there are currently no fake TLS. They said it will take millions of yen to reproduce such fake products and no company will take the risk of being shut down and litigated when caught. 

After days of tediously searching online for a seller, I finally got my TLS original a few days ago from tokyolovesoapmnl, a trusted seller in Instagram . One soap retails for 750 Php exclusive of 60 Php shipping fee so I shelled out a total of 810 Php just to try this wonder bar.

This is the Tokyo Love Soap original or regular which is the very first soap produced before the release of numerous variants like the TLS girls, premium, medicated and ultimate. Why did I choose the original TLS? Because aside from being the most affordable, it's the soap that started all the raves and paved the way to manufacturing other variants.

The label on the back says it's made in Japan but there are no English translations. You may visit for more details about Tokyo Love Soap and its variants.

The soap is sealed in a frosted plastic container.

I had a hard time taking clear pictures of the soap so please bear with the images shown. It's a round soap which is quite big and heavy at 100 g with the logo of Tokyo Love Soap carved on top. This bar is not scented and has a smooth exterior. It glides smoothly on your skin and easily forms a lather that feels quite velvety. It washes off easily leaving you with a squeaky clean almost dry feeling. 

BEFORE using Tokyo Love Soap

AFTER using Tokyo Love Soap (Day 1)

I've only used this twice and so far I didn't have any adverse skin reactions. I actually tried comparing my skin tone before and after first use as shown above but I couldn't get an accurate lighting. I did notice my skin tone brighten a little but I also felt my skin getting a bit dry so I moisturize with Aveeno lotion after every use. I will continue using this and give you an update soon. 

Have you tried any of the Tokyo Love Soaps? Do share your experience with us on the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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  1. i would love! i saw this from FB and it costs 1,300php exclusive of shipping so where did you get yours?

    1. Hi there rhaindropz, thanks for reading my post. I bought my TLS from miss Johana a trusted online seller. You may check out her instagram account, tokyolovesoapmnl and facebook page urgetosplurge888.

  2. I started using their professional variant.. it really is good for the sensitive skin.. my review is here so how's your skin after weeks of using it?