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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hello everyone! If  you've been watching Kris TV, you'd know that Miss Kris Aquino has been featuring many restaurants around the metro, one of which is Yobob Lechon de Cebu in Tomas Morato, Q.C. This is co owned by former Pinoy Big Brother housemate turned actor, Paul Jake Castillo. If that name doesn't ring a bell, maybe you'd recognize him when I tell you he played as Maya dela Rosa's avid suitor Simon in Please Be Careful With My Heart. 

Yobob first opened in Cebu and just recently branched out in Manila. They are famous for their deliciously flavored and mildly spicy Cebu Lechon which is why we didn't think twice going there to try it ourselves.

I'm not really into eating lechon so I was relieved to see other dishes in the menu like Sizzling Gambas, Sinigang Salmon Belly, Tinolang Manok and Hungarian Sausage. 

Of course we ordered Krissy's Sinigang na Lechon, a dish contributed by no other than Miss Kris Aquino. It wasn't on the menu until she cooked it herself during their visit and made use of Yobob Cebu Lechon as the main ingredient. Honestly, this dish truly deserves a five-star rating. The meat is so tender and the soup has that perfect sour, spicy taste of Sinigang. I also love the soup's slightly thick consistency. It may look quite expensive on the menu at 280 Php but the generous serving (good for 3-4) makes this dish affordable so that's around 70 Php to 90 Php per person. 

We also ordered Sizzling Hungarian Sausage but unfortunately it wasn't available. After several minutes of enjoying the Sinigang, we realized a trip to Yobob wouldn't be complete without trying out their famous Cebu Lechon so we ordered it as well.

I never enjoyed eating lechon before because the taste is fully dependent on the sauce which for me isn't any good but Yobob Cebu Lechon is totally far from that. It's pretty tasteful that you can eat it alone without adding sauce. I love that the meat is quite lean with just a thin layer of fat in between but contrary to beliefs that lean pork meat is less tasty, this really tasted so delicious. The meat is really tender and a bit salty with a tinge of spicy flavor. We ordered half a kilo of Cebu Lechon which I think is enough to stuff 4-5 people. It costs 360 Php so again that's roughly 70 Php to 90 Php per head and is still pretty much affordable. This dish also deserves a five-star rating.

Overall, Yobob Cebu Lechon is definitely a must try for everybody. They serve delicious dishes priced reasonably that a budget of 200 Php per person is enough to enjoy their cooking. So for tasty Cebu Lechon and other Pinoy dishes, visit Yobob Cebu Lechon in Tomas Morato and you won't be disappointed. 


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  1. Thumbs up! for this lechon. Simply the best lechon in Cebu, my favorite lechon, it is a must try. Worth the price! So delicioussssssssssss!..