HADA LABO: SHA Hydrating Face Wash and SHA Hydrating Milk

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hello everyone! I recently got back from Singapore and bought a few stuff that I can't wait to share with all of you. As expected, I browsed through every skin care counter I could find during my trip and among the array of brands on display, Hada Labo solely piqued my interest. It's a Japanese brand I've seen several times online and I've always wondered why they seem to run out of stocks easily. 

Hada Labo has a wide range of skin care products like facial wash, moisturizer, serum and makeup remover but among these, I only got a couple of items, the SHA Hydrating Face Wash and SHA Hydrating Milk. In case you're wondering, SHA stands for Super Hyaluronic Acid, Hada Labo's patented moisturizing range of products. 

This Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Face Wash retails for SGD 13.50 in Fair Price but I got mine from Duty Free in Changi Airport for only SGD 12.60 (roughly 430 Php) which turns out to be a really great buy since it's being sold online in Manila for almost twice its price (850 Php).

It comes in this 100 gm tube with a flip type cover to easily dispense the product.

I love that it has a security seal and that the date of expiration is indicated on the label. 

This facial wash is opaque white in color, virtually unscented and has a very thick creamy texture. Up to now I'm still amazed that a pea size builds up into a generous lather that can cover your entire face and neck. It feels silky on application, doesn't sting and rinses off easily leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean after every use. It doesn't strip your skin with its natural moisture and instead gives it a smooth and supple finish. This face wash is tough on dirt and makeup residue yet mild enough to use twice a day without causing skin irritation or pimple break outs.

I bought this SHA Hydrating Milk from Fair Price for SGD 22.90 which is around 780 Php, still cheaper than buying online (900 Php).

It comes in this 140 ml bottle with a convenient flip top cover. 

Again, I commend Hada Labo for including a safety seal and indicating the date of expiration on the bottle.

This SHA Hydrating milk is also opaque white and unscented. As you can see on the image above, it has a runny consistency and mimics the texture of a thin lotion making it easy to apply on your skin. A pea size is all you need to cover your entire face with a thin film. It Initially makes your skin appear drenched and a bit greasy but it eventually transforms into a moisturized look. It takes a while for the product to get absorbed but a few minutes of waiting is all it takes to achieve a freshly hydrated finish. I love how it clings on to your skin even when layered with BB Cream unlike other moisturizers that tend to rub off. It's really an excellent moisturizer that does its purpose without causing any untoward skin reactions. 

Overall, I am truly amazed with these Hada Labo products that I intend to repurchase them even if they retail for a couple of hundreds more. I do recommend them to those who expect visible results in just a few days of use. Although these aren't available in local stores, you may purchase them in reputable online shops or have your relatives/friends from abroad  buy them for you. So have you tried any Hada Labo products? Let me know your thoughts on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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