POWER BANK (20000 mAh)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hey everyone! Living in an era of fast growing technology, it's not a surprise to find at least a single gadget in every household. Everywhere you turn, you will see someone hooked to a tablet or cellular phone. I for one am guilty of doing so every chance I get especially when there's nothing else to do but surf the net or play PVZ2. Unfortunately, frequent use may drain your battery life leaving you with no choice but to plug in to a power source. Are you guessing where I'm going? Since surfing the net seem inevitable in my case, I tend to go low on power with my tablet, phone and pocket wifi hence the need to get, what we are now fond of calling, a power bank.

Of course before purchasing, I did a little research on what to look for in an external battery. Power banks are rated in mAh (milliamp hours) which corresponds to the battery in our cell phones and tablets. Since I use an Iphone 4 which has 1432 mAh battery and the new Ipad with 11666 mAh battery, I need a power bank with at least 14000 mAh to fully charge both gadgets. Luckily, my cousin found me an affordable power bank with 20000 mAh in Cash Converters, a thrift shop in Singapore.

There was only one piece left and out of all the five colors, a PINK power bank remained. It was really meant for me! Originally priced at SGD 59 which is around 2,000 Php and bought on sale for only SGD 29, roughly 1,000 Php.

This device is quite big (15x8x2 cm) and fairly heavy.

The power button is found next to a small screen that indicates the battery life. The window lights up to four dots when fully charged.

On the bottom you will see the mAh label.

Over the edge near the power window are three ports: one small port intended for charging the power bank directly to an outlet or laptop and two USB ports to connect your gadget. It also has a small bulb which functions as a flash light. 

The set includes a connecting cable and four interchangeable connectors to enable charging every gizmo you have like digital camera, MP3 player, Ipod, Ipad or any mobile phone. 

Now for the true test of power, I charged the power bank for nearly 12 hours making the battery indicator light up all four dots. I drained my Ipad's battery life to 3% and connected it to the power bank.

The following day, my Ipad was charged up to 73%! I was actually expecting it to be fully charged but I later found out that external batteries can lose their energy through heat. On a separate day, I also used the fully charged power bank to charge my pocket wifi and Iphone 4. Both gadgets were fully charged and used up approximately 25% of my power bank's stored energy.

Overall, I really got an excellent deal by purchasing this power bank. It has everything I want from an external power source, feminine looking yet a tough device that can extend the power of my gadgets for an affordable price. Are you into gadgets as well? What external power source do you use? Do share your thoughts on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


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