BDJ Power Planner 2014

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hey guys! Yesterday I met up with a good friend, Christine who braved the BDJ Fair last week. Good thing she went and got us both the 2014 BDJ Power Planner in a special discounted price of 540 Php.  

I was just expecting to get the planner but she generously shared what she got at the fair.

Inside were catalogues, brochures, stickers, a soap sample, a goody pony tail AND what I've been aching to get, the limited edition 2014 BDJ Power Planner.

I fell in love (geek alert) the minute I touched the smooth leather! I also like the etched label in alternating electric pink and black on the front cover. I was initially torn between getting this and the classic matte type but since we were getting a special discount, I opted to get this one instead. 

There's the usual plastic container for keeping your detached vouchers and something pretty NEW for us bellas, cute stickers! Back in the days when awesome planners like the BDJ Power Planner weren't a thing, I made use of embossed and sparkly stickers on my ordinary planners just to give them a unique, feminine boost. Although I'm way past that era, these stickers are welcome additions making this planner all the more interesting. I also got my BDJ Lifestyle Card which they already registered at the event saving me the extra step of doing so online.

Now this page has my name written all over it! Remember how BDJ encouraged bellas to start a personal blog in the 2013 BDJ Power Planner? Now their following through with a space for bloggers to write down ideas of future posts. I personally find this really helpful although a few more pages wouldn't hurt next time. This space also gave me an idea to join sites that can increase traffic to my blog and reach bigger viewership.

I guess my first goal is to live a healthier lifestyle and hopefully start the soonest possible time.

This page reminds me of delayed gratification, an effective way of getting things done.

Yay for this whole spread dedicated to put anything that may represent your dreams. I'm thinking of magazine cut outs for this space and I might be using multi-colored pens to write a few stuff.

New things to try for the year 2014 plus a few blanks were included for you to add your personal checklist.

The menstrual tracker page has been and still is one of my favorite features. I never did track my period until BDJ came along. I guess this is a good way of knowing how your body works and recognizing early signs of conditions that may need special attention. 

Again, another new feature is a page you can use to track your immunization history.

Everyone needs a vacation or plan one at least. BDJ gives you an opportunity to prepare for that through this page. I wonder where I'll be next year..

BDJ encourages us to list down our good habits and keep track if we're able to accomplish them by monitoring it daily. 

I'm also loving this extra space they provided before the start of each month for additional goals or important events you want to take note of.

This is the concept I fell in love with since the 2012 BDJ Power Planner, a functional lay out of your week. Keeping your most important tasks on top of everything so you won't miss doing them. 

Who wouldn't love loads of discount vouchers from an assortment of establishments? After browsing through them, my top 3 favorite vouchers in no particular order are those from Dermclinic, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and Wacoal. 

These pages are a bit of a challenge for me since I've always had a hard time tracking my expenses.

Now that's almost everything you can see in the 2014 BDJ Power Planner. The only thing I miss seeing is the extra plastic pocket near the front page for detached vouchers but other than that, it's still my choice of planner. 

So have you decided which planner to get next year? If you haven't, you might want to try the BDJ Power Planner. This comes in several designs to suit every bella and will be available in leading book stores nationwide. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!



  1. hihi sa sobrang excitement ko sa bdj planner na ito ms jing di ko inaalis sa bag q (2months pa naman bago mag 2014) hee hee i love the dream board! =)

    1. Hi rhain, I also wish the planner starts with December 2013.. :)

    2. im planning to buy a stamp ms jing to add more cuties on it hihi

  2. i like this post! very detailed about what's inside the planner :) i also love bdj box super sulit :)

  3. Hi where can I buy BDJ planner? Thanks. :)