CHEAP THRILLS: San San, elf, Ziaja

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey guys! As mentioned in my previous post, I've accumulated several products in the past couple of months that I haven't reviewed hence this entry. I wanted to post them in groups so I could cover as many stuff as I can. So this post is all about cheap finds that turned out great! Well, credit for finding these products should go to people who, I know, personally recommend them. I'll mention them as I go through each item. 

First cheap find is San San Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in black which has been out of stock for the entire time since Miss Say raved about it on her You Tube channel. I'm not a regular user of eyeliner since I find it quite tedious to apply, but trying this wonder product from San San changed my mind. 

I've used pencil type eyeliners before but I really suck on application that I end up removing it and redoing my eye makeup, not a good way to start a busy day. This however, is a pen type eyeliner with a tapered felt tip which I think is a better option for beginners like me. This really appears like a regular pen with a snap on cover.

The tapered felt tip allows you to make a fine line if you want to go subtle on your eyeliner. It's also buildable so you can do several coats until you get your desired thickness. What I love most about this product is the color pay off. A single stroke already gives you a jet black hue making this product all the more economical to use. Above image shows you swatches using single stroke for the thinnest line, 2 strokes for the line in the middle and 3 strokes on the 3rd line.

This San San eyeliner also dries off pretty quickly that in a few minutes I was able to run my fingers and a tissue on it without smudging. I was so amazed that I filmed it for you guys to see. What's more impressive is that it stays that way for the entire day! This is virtually unscented, non irritating and so easy to use. It retails for only 85 Php which I think is really affordable even for a measly 2 ml product. 

On to my next cheap find, the elf (eyes, lips, face) eyelid primer which was highly recommended by a good friend, Trina. I've been using this primer for a month now and I must say that it truly deserves to be mentioned. It comes in a slim tube with a sponge tip applicator underneath the cap which I personally like because it's easier and faster to use. 


This primer appears beige and has the texture of a light cream. Just a few dabs on your eyelid, crease and brow bone is enough to prime your skin for eye makeup. It spreads easily and gives you a velvety soft finish. Notice in the image above how it somehow gave my skin an instant glow. I love how this primer seem to make any brand of eye color look more radiant, noticeable and most importantly long lasting. I bought this at the elf counter in Trinoma for only 110 Php, a really great deal for an eyelid primer that can do so much. 


The third and final entry for cheap finds is Ziaja Jasmine Micellar Water. I saw this on the Instagram wall of a friend, Erika of The Erikaloca Files and according to her it's the nearest thing to Bioderma but way more affordable. It's being sold at Beauty Bar for 295 Php, well not that cheap but more reasonable compared to Bioderma's 1,000+ Php tag. 

It comes in this cute 200ml bottle, has the color and consistency of water making it nongreasy when applied. This has a subtle scent and doesn't sting or cause any skin reactions. 


  1. yay! i had that san san pen too =) and my younger sister love using it so i give it to her already =) i havent tried elf's eye primer and the very first elf product that i have tried is their mascara! i love it to bits and now im using the elf concealer and highlighter and its such a great item you must have in your makeup pouch! i wanna try that Ziaja Jasmine Micellar Water =) when i emptied my bifesta makeup remover thanks ms jing for the info =)

  2. the elf eyelid primer is my fave! :) lasts me 12 hours! no-eyeshadow-clumping-along-the-eyelid-creases! :)