ZA COSMETICS: True White Prismizer and Cleansing Foam

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hey guys! September went by too fast and now I'm stuck with so many amazing products to review. I haven't been blogging in the past 2 weeks due to a tight schedule. Good thing I developed the habit of taking pictures of newly acquired products and drafting them here so I won't miss anything. Enough about that, let's go to my recent skin care find from Za Cosmetics.

Za Cosmetics, I have to admit, is a brand I'm not familiar with since I'm a late bloomer in the field of skin care and cosmetics. I also learned that Za, like Majolica Majorca, comes from the makers of Shiseido, one of the leading beauty companies in Japan. Good thing Za was relaunched this year and is now locally available to cater to every Pinay.

I'm a sucker for all things PINK, so when I found out Za was giving away a pink pouch for a minimum purchase worth 1,000 Php, I instantly jumped right in and looked for products I could get. 

Since I've been breaking out several weeks before, I was looking for a whitening toner to lighten my pimple marks so I got a bottle of the True White Prismizer. 

How cute is this? I love the slim yet sturdy and elegant bottle. 

This retails for 545 Php which I think isn't so bad for a 150 ml bottle. 

Notice the expiration date label on the box? I really like it when brands do that to serve as a guide for their consumers.

Another thumbs up for the sealed bottle cap.

What I love most is the narrow spout which enables you to dispense just the right amount of product and avoid wastage. 

The Za True White Prismizer has a pleasant scent that doesn't come on too strong. It has a liquid consistency and looks clear. Just a small amount can cover your entire face so it's pretty much economical to use. I like that it doesn't sting or cause your skin to visibly peel. This toner didn't irritate my face or cause dryness and pimple break outs after almost 2 weeks of use. In terms of whitening, it did help even out my skin tone and lighten post blemish marks around my nose and chin in less than 2 weeks which normally takes longer.  

Another Za product I bought and have been using religiously is the True White Cleansing Foam.

It comes in a 100 g squeeze type tube with a flip cover to easily dispense the product. It also has a pleasant scent but a little more subtle than the Prismizer. I actually used way too much of the product the first time but I'm happy to say that a pea size is enough to thoroughly cleanse your face. 

This cleanser has a creamy texture with a few not-so-microbeads just enough to feel your skin getting scrubbed here and there. It surprisingly builds up into a generous lather and rinses off easily leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean. I love that it doesn't completely strip off your skin's moisture and how soft your face feels after every use. I also believe this cleanser worked synergistically with the Prismizer to even out my skin and lighten my pimple marks in less than 2 weeks.

Okay now this has got to be the best part of the deal, getting a bright pink pouch along with my purchase. I've actually seen this promo from a few months back, good thing it's still running when I decided to buy their skin care products. Anyway, my purchase didn't reach the required minimum amount of 1,000 Php, it was through my friend Tet that I got to avail the promo because she bought an eyeliner (thanks so much caffeine buddy!). 

Nothing really fancy, just a synthetic leather and a top zipper closure. The pouch is lined with soft fabric without any added pockets inside. 

I love the etched sign on the front but most of all, I love how spacious this turns out to be! You'll see in my future post of what's in my cosmetic kit how roomy this pouch is. 

Overall, I love both products individually and in combination. I do think they work better together to deliver significant results in a reasonable amount of time. I can't conclude if you will get the same results when used individually since I started using both at the same time. I do recommend it to those of you who want to even out your skin's blemishes without shelling out too much. I will continue using this combo and will repurchase until a better product comes along. 

If you're on a limited budget, you might be interested in buying just the Prismizer and combine it with your present facial wash. I bet it will still yield favorable results so let me know how it works for you by sharing it on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a stress free weekend! 


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  1. wow i like the pouch..its pink and its roomy =) gonna wait if the toner could be effective on lightening pimple marks.. =)