EOS: A second good look

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hey guys! Several months ago, I was so intrigued by the hype brought about by these uniquely shaped lippies from eos that I immediately purchased one in Pomegranate Raspberry early this year from what looks like a reputable stall in Trinoma. I honestly believed it was authentic because there's no way Trinoma will allow fake products under their roof. So I went ahead, bought one and found it satisfactory. Not at all amazing as others claim it to be. You may click here to read my full review.

A few months later, I came across several reviews on eos lip balms and found out that there are imitations lurking in the market! One review pointed out the differences between a fake and authentic eos lip balm and there I was regretting the purchase.

My speculations were confirmed the day I bought another eos lip balm in Summer Fruit from a friend whose sister directly bought it from the US. Keeping in mind the differences mentioned in the review, I compared my two eos lip balms and here are my observations:

I originally wanted to get the same flavor for a more accurate comparison but I was left with Summer Fruit although I think it wouldn't hurt since they only differ in color and scent. At first glance, they both look very similar in terms of size and shape. Both containers seem to have the same texture and feel but the authentic eos (right) has a velvety finish without any signs of peeling compared to the fake eos (left) which is peeling mostly on the bottom. I've had the latter for more than 6 months now and the cover started peeling off discreetly on the day I started using it.

Looking closely on the edges where the cover and body meet, the authentic eos has a thin space in between while the fake eos is closely shut. Also, you can smoothly unscrew the authentic eos' cap with more precision compared to the fake eos.

Without opening the cap, you'd be surprised that the authentic eos has a very subtle almost undetectable scent compared to the fake eos which bears a heavenly scent even when sealed. I feel like the manufacturer of the fake eos lip balm deliberately made the container smell great because that's how customers are easily duped. I for one also smelled the container and was quite convinced that something as pleasantly scented couldn't possibly be an imitation. 

Now the major difference is pretty much evident once the cap is removed. The authentic eos smells pleasantly when opened compared to the fake eos which reeks of chemical. It's as if the pleasant fragrance mainly comes from the container rather than the product itself. Since eos lip balms are sealed and you can't open one unless you buy it, you have to bear in mind that authentic eos lippies don't necessarily scream of fruity scent from the outside and those that smell great are usually the fake ones. 

I wasn't able to take pictures of the sealed eos so I can't really tell you how they differ but others say that the authentic eos has a better looking seal and label. Inside the cap, (sorry for the crappy image) you will notice what looks like a serial number for the authentic eos which the fake one lacks.

I've been using my first eos for 6 months now and the original dome shape has been flattened in half but both lip balms when newly opened look the same. The difference in color isn't too obvious but the fake eos looks a little more pale than the real one. On application, the texture also has a subtle yet obvious difference, the fake eos is smooth but feels a bit gritty and uneven compared to the authentic eos which appears and feels silky smooth without being grainy. Also, you'll notice the authentic eos exuding a pleasant fruity scent when you apply it compared to the waxy smell that the fake eos gives off. The difference in fragrance is pretty much obvious that anyone can tell which one's authentic and not.

Both products are moisturizing and keep you from having chapped lips but the authentic eos feels ultra light, if it weren't for the fruity scent and sweet taste, you'd forget you have them on. Both retails for 250 Php each when bought in local stores so you really need to keep your guard up to spot the fake ones and avoid making the same mistake I did the first time. 

I know I'm not an authority when it comes to spotting the difference between a fake and authentic eos lip balm but I know that it doesn't take a genius to do so especially when you have both products on hand. So to those who are still curious and haven't bought the eos lip balm (where in heavens have you been?), be careful in purchasing from unknown sources. You may want to buy from reputable resellers like digitaltraincase and chedelyn's cosmetics. I bought mine from a friend who's an online seller, you may check out her Instagram account thefabpanda to see more of her stuff. Any thoughts on eos lippies? Do share them on the comments section below. Thank you so much for reading and have a blessed weekend!


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  1. my first EOS was the one sponsored Ms Ayzee's Blog Giveaway by LipstickAlluCan and i just get my hands on it a while ago (a month or two) and used it once i had the love and hate relationship with it =) would try to blog about it thanks ms jing for this info =) very helpful indeed!