We should be PROUD

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

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Hey guys! A few days ago, my brother and I decided to buy breakfast via drive-thru in Mc Donald's Quezon Avenue corner West 6th Street. There was a long line of vehicles but we decided to wait instead. We were next in line when we noticed the driver of the car in front of us gesturing while making his order. It was as if he was arguing with the crew. Funny thing was, he kept on waving his hand, pointing to the monitor as if he was pointing at someone.

Our turn came and the crew said something we didn't understand. She repeated what she said but we didn't get a thing. Out of frustration my brother even exclaimed "hindi ko maintindihan!" and went on with ordering. The crew on the other end politely took our order and we eventually recognized the different accent. She's a foreigner. We felt so ashamed and sorry for our behavior. When we got to the cashier's window, my brother greeted the crew and asked if she's Korean since she looked and sounded like one. She just smiled and said she's Vietnamese. On our way to the last window, we were thinking why she was in Mc Donald's and formulated several reasons like maybe she was an exchange student who's taking a part-time job or maybe she was on training.

At the last window, the crew greeted us and my brother couldn't help but ask if she's also Vietnamese. She nodded and said yes. We just smiled in response and I couldn't contain myself saying "enjoy your stay here!" She then flashed me a bigger smile. 

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This morning, we went back to order breakfast expecting the same crew to greet us. The accent was that of a Pinay so when we got to the Cashier's window, my brother asked where the Vietnamese crews were. We found out that they're still here but on a different shift and the reason why is they're actually training under the guidance of Pinoys. I felt really proud that they came all the way from Vietnam just to train in the Philippines!

Sadly, we were also told that a lot of people have been complaining when they're on duty to take drive-thru orders. Okay, I totally understand these customers since we went through the same experience but I think we need to understand the situation and stretch our patience a little further. After all, Pinoys all over the world may also be in the same situation and we wouldn't want them to be treated indifferently.


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  1. agreed! ang advantage lang nating mga pinoy yung madali tayong matuto ng foreign languages =) dahil dating ofw father ko (saudi/korea) so he know how to speak greek, arabic and korean hee hee