Giving credit to whom it's due

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hey guys! How are you enjoying your holiday break so far? In my case, I'm loving the idea of getting enough rest after being sick for the past days. That's what I get by not updating my annual flu shots but all is still good. 

I was browsing the web when I chanced upon a website claiming to be the official subdistributor of authentic Tokyo Love Soap (TLS) in the Philippines. I was quite sad seeing that they sell different variants of TLS in a much more affordable price than my last purchase. With all the hype about this soap, it's quite inevitable for fake versions to surface eventually. This is why I didn't jump right in to make a purchase. Out of curiosity, I searched Instagram to see the price range of TLS in different stores and was shocked to see my own pictures used by three different sellers. 

  These are pictures I took and posted when I wrote an entry about the original TLS in August and the images are not even clear or spectacular. Still, I felt bad seeing them being used by other people without permission or credit. 

I felt the need to make this post to let you all know that I am not in any way connected with these online shops and warn everyone to be vigilant in purchasing from sellers who can't post actual pictures of products they claim to have on hand. They may be legitimate sellers but always keep in mind that the most reliable sellers are those that post the exact products they sell and not images lifted from different websites or provided by their suppliers.



  1. naku ms jing.. dapat iwatermark mo na yung mga pic stealing ginagawa nila =( i really wanted to know ms jing kung effective po talaga yang soap na yan kasi i have no idea kung panu malalaman na fake o original talaga.. though i saw one shop sa ig na talagang straight from japan yung mga packages nya..

    1. Hi rhain, I used to put watermark on all my photos but doing so affects clarity of the images kaya I opted not to anymore. I'll reconsider now that this happened. Regarding TLS, I used one for a month (original TLS) but effects weren't as obvious as I expected. A good friend pointed me to ms. Glenda Cruz on Ig but I already got mine from another Ig seller that time. I heard the TLS premium works faster so I might try it soon.

  2. wow really ms jing.. at the moment im loving my mestiza soap.. 60g for 36php (from mercury drugstore) and 120g for 53php (from reysal supermarket) medyo mahirap nga lang hanapin.. i'll save much more to get a TLS soap..pero thinking sa halaga na uyn.. isang box na ng mestiza soap ang mabibili ko hehehe =) happy three kings ms jing!