NYX: Nude on Nude Palette

Friday, December 27, 2013

Hey guys, this is just a quick entry of a product I can't wait to share with all of you. Remember how I've been lusting over Urban Decay Naked palettes for the longest time? Well, before the Naked 3 palette was released, the pioneer Naked palette has been on my mind since the day I learned how to apply eye shadow.

Image courtesy of Urban Decay
I've seen countless reviews on how amazing this palette is and I have always wanted one for myself but the hefty tag ($52) kept me from getting one. Good thing NYX came out with the Nude on Nude palette. 

It comes in a box which is double the thickness of an Iphone 5 and almost double the length. 

On the bottom of the box is an illustration of the shades included in the palette. The colors aren't named like that of Urban Decay's palettes but that's just fine.

The packaging is made of hard plastic which really appeals to me but I'm afraid this isn't sturdy enough and might break apart if I accidentally drop it. Regardless, I still love the rich brown casing and transparent windows on top of each shade.

Once opened, the palette reveals a slim mirror and 20 different shades of eye shadow.

The palette consists of neutral shades in matte, satin and metallic finishes. I'm loving the array of colors that you can mix and match to achieve different looks from a basic day time makeup to a gorgeous night time look. These are well pigmented shadows with great color pay-off especially when paired with a good primer. They're a bit powdery so you only need to dip your brush lightly to pick up your desired color otherwise you have to tap off the excess to prevent fall-outs. They last for a decent amount of time and still look vibrant towards the end of the day.

This palette also has a pull-out compartment on the bottom that houses 10 lip colors. These are mostly pink shades with a few reds and berries. They feel creamy and apply smoothly on your lips with sheer finish that you can layer for a bolder look. Half of them are shimmery and don't appeal to me much but the remaining lip colors are glossy and look very lovely. Notice that NYX included a double ended eye shadow applicator and lip brush that I don't actually use but are okay to have just in case I need to do touch-ups. 

Image courtesy of NYX
Overall, the NYX Nude on Nude palette is a great value for your money. You're getting 20 lovely shades of eye shadow and 10 lip colors for just $25 (roughly 1,100 Php). The colors may not be exact dupes of Urban Decay's Naked series but still it's a decent palette that you can start with if you're new to the makeup world. This can also be a good addition to your growing number of makeup collection without causing much dent on your budget. NYX products are widely available in the US but you can also get them locally from online sellers.

Have you tried the NYX Nude on Nude palette? Share your thoughts on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a beautiful weekend!



  1. That's a handsome looking palette! The colors seem to lean a bit more blue than I expected for a nude palette though. Looking forward to your swatches and looks with this.

  2. i love their creme blush and lippies =)