REAL TECHNIQUES: Core Collection

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hey guys! I've been drooling over Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman for the longest time but I can't seem to decide which one to get. Luckily, Real Techniques brushes were on sale at Ulta a few months ago so my fiance was able to spoil me with not just one but three brush sets.

The first set I'm reviewing for this post is probably Real Tecniques' best selling brushes, the Core Collection. 

This set is housed in a transparent plastic case so keeping the brushes in good shape while shipping won't be a problem. 

The brushes are securely placed in a black case that conveniently doubles as a stand. All you have to do is fold the case backwards, tighten the string found along the middle and you have an instant brush stand which you can use everyday or when you travel. 

I also love that this case has two more slots to accommodate extra brushes you may want to bring with you.

I use this pointed foundation brush to evenly apply BB Cream on my face. The bristles are so soft and dense with just the perfect size to reach the sides of your nose and under your eyes. 

The label says that the buffing brush is meant to be used for applying powder or mineral foundation but I think this is best used in applying cream or liquid based makeup. The bristles are densely packed that a few circular strokes can evenly distribute any chosen product all over your face. 

This contour brush is nothing I've never had or tried before which is why I really wanted to get the core collection in the first place. The tapered bristles allow you to apply your blush or highlight with precision.  

The detailer brush is probably my least favorite in the core collection. It can be used with your concealer to hide spots and imperfections or to apply your lipstick. I was hoping for an eyeshadow brush to be included in this set but I guess you can also work with this detailer brush when you have no other choice. 

Overall, I really like the core collection because each brush is multi-functional. I also love that they are designed very uniquely with longer ferrules so you can easily tell them apart from other brushes. With the exception of the detailer brush, each tool can steadily stand on its own to allow less contact on any surface hence less contamination. Little details like the extra brush holders, label etched on each brush as well as the matte gold metal and black rubber handle made me want the core collection even more. Although the price is quite steep for just a 4-piece brush set ($18), the quality and versatility of these brushes more than make up for the price. 

Image courtesy of Real Techniques

Want to own Real Techniques brushes? You may purchase them from my online shop Beauty Rx or visit my Instagram beauty_rx. Any thoughts on the core collection? Do share them on the comments section below. Please do check back in for more reviews on other Real Techniques brushes in my next posts. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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