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Friday, December 20, 2013

Hey guys! This post is my 2nd in a series of reviews about Real Techniques brushes. I initially reviewed the Core Collection and now I'm back to give you my thoughts on the Travel Essentials. 
This set is housed in a transparent hard plastic so you can see the brushes right away without having to tear the box open. At the back you can find a description of each brush and how to use them. 

Like the Core Collection, this set also comes with a panoramic case that functions as a dual carrier and stand to keep your brushes organized whether at home or on the go. 

As the name implies, this brush is for applying your foundation but you may also use this to apply concealer. Although this brush is densely packed with soft bristles, I still prefer applying liquid-based makeup with either a flat top brush or a dome shaped one like the buffing brush included in the core collection.

The domed shadow brush is intended to smoothly apply your eye shadow or to give your eyes definition. It reminds me so much of my large fluff brush from Sigma, also known as the E50 brush but a little smaller. Although both brushes appear similar, I prefer using the Sigma E50 because it can pick up and pack more eye shadow. But hey, that's just me. Others may find this brush better than the E50 especially those
with smaller lids.


This multi-task brush is my most favorite tool in this kit because aside from the lovely pink ferrule, it's also the most versatile among the three. I love that the size is perfect for applying your face powder, not too large nor too small. Just pinch the bristles over the base near the ferrule and you can use it to apply your blush and bronzer.

Of course I love the extra slots to fit in two more brushes you may want
to bring with you.

Although adding big brushes may give you a hard time closing the panoramic case, still it locks into an inch thick carrier which is better than having your brushes mixed with other stuff in your bag or vanity kit making them more prone to contamination and early damage.

Overall, the Real Techniques Travel Essentials kit is my 2nd most favorite set in the collection. I think I can do away with other brushes and achieve a full look with just three tools in this kit. Like all the other Real Techniques brushes, these have soft and densely packed bristles with very minimal shedding. I love the dual purpose case with the extra elastic bands to accommodate more tools you may want to add. Need I mention the overall look of each brush? The matte metal ferrules and rubber handles are a delight to have and make these brushes very unique and eye-catching. This set, like the core collection, retails for $17.99 at Ulta which I think may be a bit steep for just a 3-piece brush set but the versatility and quality of these brushes are worth it.
Image courtesy of Real Techniques
Still haven't joined the Real Techniques band wagon? You really have to get at least a set to fall in love with every single one of them. If you ask me, the Travel Essentials is a good way to start. You may purchase one at a very affordable and competitive price from my online shop Beauty Rx or via Instagram beauty_rx. Any thoughts on Real Techniques? Do share them on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful holiday!

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