SHISEIDO: Ibuki Softening Concentrate

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Hey guys! How are you enjoying your new year? Did you ever get to make a resolution? For me, I've given up on making a list and just thought of a main objective I hope to accomplish this year, become a better version of myself. So far, I'm so happy to say that I've been more relaxed and appreciative of the things around me. 

As part of my "better-version-of-me" goal, I've also decided to be more consistent with sticking to a skin care line and see the long term effects before jumping from one brand to another. After giving much thought and considering so many factors, I finally decided to start my skin care journey this year with Shiseido Ibuki.

I got to try Shiseido Ibuki for the first time via Sample Room and fell in love with the softening concentrate which is why I chose it among the other Ibuki products. The full size comes in a 75 ml bottle which I'm pretty sure will last me a long while. 

I like how the box is labelled with the expiration date. This way you get a reminder not to take forever to consume it. I don't know about you but I tend to save every single drop of a product I love to extend its use so the expiration label really matters.

Don't you just love how the pearly white bottle looks? 

The cap has a safety seal to ensure good quality. Pulling the it off reveals a small nozzle and a pump to easily dispense the product. 

This softening concentrate appears translucent and has the consistency of a runny gel that immediately flows on application. Gel-like toners aren't new to me since I already tried one before from Tony Moly so I wasn't surprised about this at all and actually prefer them over liquid toners. I can't make out the scent but it's so mild you wouldn't detect it after a few minutes. It spreads easily and lingers a little while before getting absorbed so your skin will look a bit shiny at first. It dries off fairly quick so you have to wait a while before using a moisturizer or BB Cream on top.

I've been using this product for more than 2 weeks now and I'm pretty much satisfied with what I see. My skin feels smoother, post blemish marks look lighter and it didn't cause further break outs even during my period. By the way, I asked the sales rep for samples and they gave me 4 sachets of the Ibuki softening concentrate. It really pays to ask for samples so please get over being shy and do so! 

Overall, the Ibuki softening concentrate from Shiseido truly delivers! It did help soften and clarify my skin in just two weeks. Although you may need to have a facial before starting with a new skin care line for optimum results. The price may seem a bit steep but considering the small amount of product needed to cover your face, size of the bottle (75 ml) and the overall performance of this product, the 1,600 Php tag is well worth the splurge. The entire Ibuki line is available in all Shiseido branches nationwide. Visit anytime to talk to their lovely sales reps who will gladly assist you with any of your skin care related concerns. Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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