BIFESTA: BRIGHTUP Cleansing Lotion

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Image courtesy of Bifesta

Hey guys! I recently scoured the beauty section of Landmark Trinoma and finally decided to repurchase Japan's number one water-based makeup remover, the Bifesta Cleansing Lotion.  

Image courtesy of Bifesta

This cleanser comes in different varieties to target every woman's needs. I have pointed out each type below as described by the manufacturer.

"Extra moisture for normal to dry skin"
Contains Ceramide-like ingredient to retain moisture, keeping the skin's natural balance making it protected from any possible irritation.

"Oil control for combination oily skin"
Contains Green Tea Extract that tightens pores preventing excessive oil formation.

"Removes dead skin cells for brighter, even-toned skin"
Removes dead skin cells that cause dullness and darkening of pores and inhibits melanin production for a more bright, even-toned skin.

"Rich nourishment to prevent premature skin aging"
Contains Co enzyme Q for deep nourishment and cell renewal. It also protects skin from premature aging due to sun exposure maintaining healthy young skin.

I previously bought a trial size of the SEBUM variety from Singapore not for anything else but because it was the only one available. I loved using it to the last drop which is why I snagged a full size upon seeing it was being sold at 10% off in Landmark. Click here to see my full review.

I was suppose to get AGE CARE but since I've been having blemishes here and there, I opted for BRIGHT UP to address my uneven skin tone due to post acne marks. 

Don't get confused by the name, this cleansing lotion has the consistency and appearance of water. A single pump is enough to soak a flat cosmetic cotton. It has a subtle scent, feels light on your skin and easily removes makeup with a few swipes. I love that it leaves your skin looking freshly cleansed without the greasy finish. I can't remember the exact tag but it's around 400 Php and I got it for 10% off its original price. It's not at all an expensive product but not cheap as well but I can guarantee you're getting your money's worth.

Overall, Bifesta remains to be my staple makeup remover. I do recommend it to everyone and I will repurchase tho other varieties when this bottle runs out. Any thoughts on Bifesta? Do leave them on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a sun shiny day!



  1. Replies
    1. Hi rhain how was it? I might get that on my next purchase.

    2. it is okay ms jing =) and i would try the blue one after emptying mine =)

  2. I've tried all except the sebum (I'm not very oily). My skin really likes the Moist one the best, followed by Bright Up. I've only recently started on Age Care so I still haven't fully explored its effects. Bifesta is my mainstay makeup remover!