Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hey guys! The moment I saw a SALE sign board on display at The Body Shop in Trinoma, I couldn't just pass by without at least taking a peek. Okay, I ended up buying a few essential stuff and some that I'm just a bit curious to try. 

Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15 (Php 199/4.2g tube)
This lip balm is probably my best buy in the bunch. It's originally sold for Php 395 but I got it for only Php 199. Although the discounted price still appears more expensive than other lip balms in the market, I like this product just the same because it lives up to its claims of moisturizing and protecting your lips. It's opaque cream in color and has a faint vanilla scent. You can tell it's on your lips yet it doesn't feel thick or waxy. I love that it offers protection from UVA and UVB rays. You can wear this alone or top it with any shade of lipstick. 

Body Polisher (Php 250)

I have used several different forms of body scrubs but this one from The Body Shop is my most repurchased. It has a slightly rough net-like texture that I really like. I have to warn you not to rub this vigorously on first use because it can be a bit scratchy when new. I love that the size is just right so you can easily use it around your back. You can also manipulate this body polisher anyway you want like crumple it into a ball and scrub away. It lasts a really long time unlike other generic polishers that dull quickly. 

Facial Brush (Php 150)

I have to be honest that this item failed my expectations big time. It would've been a good substitute for my Clarisonic during travels because of the handy size but the bristles are too stiff that it hurts when used even on light pressure. First time I tried it, I never wanted to use it again. It was really that bad but I will still give this a second chance and probably use it ever so carefully. If you haven't bought this, I highly suggest you not to and invest on high quality facial brush like the Clarisonic or if you lack the budget you may want to try Shiseido's face brush which I think retails for Php 1,000.

Eye Mask (Php 350)

Now this mask is a neutral purchase because I feel like I don't fancy it that much to use it regularly. It's bigger than the others I bought years ago. It has a velcro lock so you can adjust it to fit snugly on your eye area. I left this a bit longer than needed in the fridge which is probably why I wasn't able to tolerate the cold feeling at first. I thawed it for a minutes before trying again and it was quite refreshing and relaxing at the same time. I think this mask is great especially when used on hot days. My only problem is I tend to skip it because I keep forgetting to put it in the fridge. 

Organic Cotton Rounds (Php 150/pack)

These cotton rounds are my essentials because I use it several times everyday. The cotton is textured on one side which is best for removing makeup and smooth on the other which can be used in applying your toner. I love that each pad is thick and that the edges are sewn, this way the pad maintains its shape even when heavily soaked. I also love that these are organic hence gentle on the skin. A pack of 100 pads cost Php 150 but I availed  their promo and bought 2 rolls for only Php 250.

Overall, I think my last trip to The Body Shop was worth it. I'm currently loving the lip balm, body scrub and cotton rounds. I'm neutral about the eye mask and not enjoying the face brush but I plan to give it another go and see if I can make it work better the next time. Do share your thoughts on any of the items I've posted and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them on the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!


CELINE: Blowout Sale

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Image courtesy of Celine

Hey guys! Just recently I was in Trinoma to run some errands and got to drop by Celine. I didn't intend to buy shoes but found myself trying on a few pairs especially after finding out about their promo. All of their items are marked down plus you get to enjoy additional 50% off on your second pair. You all know what happens next when faced with such a fine deal. 

You guessed it right, I bought two pairs for myself and two more for my mom. Mine are both closed shoes with heels because all the ones I own are flats.

I got this pair in the color wine and I couldn't believe how comfortable these shoes are! The inner soles are cushioned perfectly that I don't think I need to break these in. 

I haven't been strutting around in heels for a while now but these shoes made it easy for me to walk tall again. 

My second pair is in camel and is equally comfortable on my feet. I'm not too crazy about pointed shoes but this particular pair totally made me change my mind. The tips may be pointed but I guarantee you they don't hurt at all.

This pair has wedge heels offering to boost your height an inch higher. I'm not used to wedge heels but these feel really comfortable that I can wear them everyday. 

Can you believe I got these for only Php 499 each and paid a total of Php 998?! I'm not too sure how it came down to that super affordale price but the sales representative made sure I got the best value for my purchase. Celine will continue with this promo until end of April so better head to your nearest branch and go get yourselves your deserved pairs of shoes. 

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful weekend!


BDJ BOX: Featuring Pixy Cosmetics

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hey guys! It's been months since my last BDJ Box subscription which is why my smile was from ear to ear when I saw a familiar package on my desk one afternoon. 

This month, BDJ Box introduces the newest makeup brand to hit the country, Pixy. This line of cosmetics originated from Indonesia yet formulated using Japanese technology to particularly address Asian skin. The box was stuffed with a generous number of full size products so please bear with me as I give you a run down and description of each product as described by BDJ.

UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Fit Compact (Php 275/12.2g)
"This powder formula blends perfectly for a smooth and long lasting base. It contains two way whitening squalane oil to prevent dry skin and SPF 15 to protect your skin from sun damage."

UV Whitening Two Way Cake Perfect Matte Refill (Php 145/12g)
"This lightweight powder refill is clinically tested to not trigger blackheads and is enriched with natural extracts and antibacterial kanzo, making it suitable for oily skin. Feel free to swap it inside the Perfect Fit Compact!"

Ultimate Makeup Cake (Php 445/12.5g)
"Whether you use this as your base or as a finishing powder, it will help you quickly cover any skin flaws, for smoother looking skin. Its oil absorbing properties also cut down unwanted shine."

Colors of Delight Blush-On (Php 285/3.5g)
"This pretty blush will help you pull off that natural flush on your cheeks, giving you a sweet and innocent glow whenever you smile. It also comes with a brush for easy touch-ups!"

Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Semi-Matte (Php 265/ 3.8g) 
"Can't decide which finish you want? Get the best of both worlds with this semi-matte lipstick from Pixy. It's enriched with Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E, so it hydrates your lips throughout the day."

Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Lasting Matte (Php 325/3.8g)
"Look striking in a bold matte shade with this long-wearing lippy from Pixy. With a pigment-packed formula, it glides on smoothly and won't tug, so your lips stay comfortable all day long."

Colors of Delight Lipstick Silky Fit Satin Lipstick (Php 245/3.8g)
"This creamy lipstick comes in a hydrating formula that softly colors your lips in a girly hue. It's perfect to wear during these hot summer months when you want to look fresh with minimal effort."

Colors of Delight Eyeliner Pencil (Php 265/1.14g)
"This easy to use eye pencil is perfect for your everyday look. Apply it thinly for a natural effect, or smudge it for more emphasis. Whichever way you choose, it will surely make your eyes look livelier and brighter!"

Colors of Delight Waterproof Volumizing Mascara (Php 295/9ml)
"This waterproof volumizing mascara lengthens and thickens your eyelashes. With its waterproof and long-wearing  formula, you don't need to worry about it smudging!"

Now tell me, how can I not love the BDJ Box with all its amazing products? You truly get MORE than what you pay for when you subscribe. The only downside is you won't know what you're getting every month but I guarantee you that BDJ has never disappointed me during my 6-month subscription in 2013. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and experience it yourself. 

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week!


Beat The Summer Heat

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Image courtesy of w8themes
Hey guys! If you live in a tropical country like me or have travelled to one, you can totally relate when I say it really gets freakin' hot at this time of the year. So this post is all about simple things that can help you beat the summer heat. 

Image courtesy of  reachingutopia

Even a soda drinker will have to agree that water is still the best way to keep you hydrated. This is why you have to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. Best to bring your own bottled water to school or work so you can hydrate throughout the day. 

Image courtesy of ZARA

Dress up in comfortable clothing like those made of chiffon and pure cotton that allow air to circulate and cool the body. Avoid tight fitting clothes including knits that hug the body, they can trap hot air and moisture adding to your discomfort. 

Image courtesy of Scottsdale

What better way to beat the heat than to have all your paraphernalia with you like an umbrella and hand-held fan. You don't know when you'll need them so better make sure to have them in your bag all the time.

Image courtesy of Avene

Freshen up your skin directly with a hydrating mist like the Avène Thermal Spring Water. I've tried a couple of other brands before but Avène really stands out. It feels so refreshing and it didn't break me out or cause any adverse skin reactions. I love that the spray is designed to deliver the product like a mist. This way you can use it on top of your makeup and anytime throughout the day without ruining your look. 

Image courtesy of keepcalm-o-matic

Now this is a bit vague and quite general but it's really necessary to keep cool especially when things around you are scorched. As much as possible, don't let the heat get to your head. The humid air has a way of keeping you from thinking straight so make sure you do the necessary measures to prevent it from influencing your daily activities. Remember, most bad decisions are made when you don't blow off steam so keep cool and the rest will fall smoothly into place.

Any other summer tips you want to share? Do leave them on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a fun filled summer!


Sarah G & Bamboo LIVE

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hey guys! Last week was the Philippine Pediatric Society's 51st Annual Convention held at the PICC for 4 consecutive days. What better way to relax than enjoy a night of entertainment after an entire day of attending forums and stuffing our heads with updates on pediatric care.

We arrived at the World Trade Center just in time to see Miss Sarah Geronimo perform and boy was she stunning! 

After a few songs, the pop princess was joined on stage by one of the country's rock icons, Bamboo Mañalac. 

My prayers were answered when they sang their breath taking rendition of Pink's popular song Just Give Me a Reason. 

I'm so proud of how orderly and cooperative my co-pediatricians were hence Bamboo was able to get off stage and closer to the crowd. 

In this time and age it's not so surprising to see an array of tabs and smart phones in the air capturing Bamboo's performance from all angles. 

One lucky gal from the audience even got to take a selfie with Bamboo. I would've loved to have mine too but everything happened so fast we just settled with close up pictures instead. 

Sarah soon came back wearing this very pretty black dress embellished with gold sparkles. 

Without a doubt this girl can really own the stage and keep everyone on their feet with her performance. I love that her energy was maintained throughout the entire night. Bamboo was as excellent with his performance, moving on and off stage to rock with the audience. 

The event was a success and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wyeth for making this possible. Now I'm excited for what's going to happen next year!