CELINE: Blowout Sale

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Image courtesy of Celine

Hey guys! Just recently I was in Trinoma to run some errands and got to drop by Celine. I didn't intend to buy shoes but found myself trying on a few pairs especially after finding out about their promo. All of their items are marked down plus you get to enjoy additional 50% off on your second pair. You all know what happens next when faced with such a fine deal. 

You guessed it right, I bought two pairs for myself and two more for my mom. Mine are both closed shoes with heels because all the ones I own are flats.

I got this pair in the color wine and I couldn't believe how comfortable these shoes are! The inner soles are cushioned perfectly that I don't think I need to break these in. 

I haven't been strutting around in heels for a while now but these shoes made it easy for me to walk tall again. 

My second pair is in camel and is equally comfortable on my feet. I'm not too crazy about pointed shoes but this particular pair totally made me change my mind. The tips may be pointed but I guarantee you they don't hurt at all.

This pair has wedge heels offering to boost your height an inch higher. I'm not used to wedge heels but these feel really comfortable that I can wear them everyday. 

Can you believe I got these for only Php 499 each and paid a total of Php 998?! I'm not too sure how it came down to that super affordale price but the sales representative made sure I got the best value for my purchase. Celine will continue with this promo until end of April so better head to your nearest branch and go get yourselves your deserved pairs of shoes. 

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful weekend!


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