KIEHL'S: Micro-Blur Skin Perfector

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hey guys! I recently read about a product from Ms. Shen's blog, Blur Creams, dubbed as the next big thing in skin care after the advent of BB, CC and DD Creams. Yes, there's a DD Cream ladies and gentlemen but I haven't seen or tried one yet. 

Kiehl's Micro-Blur Skin Perfector became available in the Philippines and other Asian countries starting May. I just saw this on display at Kiehl's Trinoma a few days back and the sales assistant, Ms. Cat, was kind enough to try it on me. I didn't have to cleanse my face because this is intended for use as a last step to your skin care routine so you can use it on top of your moisturizer or in my case, BB cream. After seeing how it looked on me, there was no turning back so I bought one.

This product claims to instantly reduce the appearance of pores upon application and also promises to significantly diminish them after 4 weeks of continued use. 

 Although dimethicone, a form of silicone, appears to be a major ingredient, Kiehl's still stands by their product as noncomedogenic. It's also non-greasy and paraben free. 

The tube contains 30 ml of the product which I think is a bit expensive for its price (Php 1,895). I like that it has a flip cover which makes dispensing easy and mess-free. 

The product is opaque flesh in color, has a creamy and frothy texture which reminds me so much of cupcake frosting. It has a distinct yet subtle powdery scent that doesn't linger. Application is pretty easy using a patting motion and concentrating on your T-zone then spreading it outwards. It takes more than a pea size to cover your face which makes this product all the more expensive. I do agree that it instantly diminishes the apperance of pores but not dramatically on the first few days of use. I've only been using this for 3 days now which is why I'm still hopeful and excited to see its long-term effects. I love the matte finish because it looks absolutely gorgeous on top of any moisturizer. Having dry skin won't be a problem since the Micro-Blur also locks in moisture keeping your skin hydrated but non-greasy. 

Overall, I do agree that the Kiehl's Micro-Blur Skin Perfector is the next big thing in skin care. Despite the price, I am highly considering to repurchase it once consumed. I do recommend it to those of you who want to try something new and promising. If you happen to pass by Kiehl's Trinoma, have the sales rep try it on you so you can see for yourself. I have to thank Ms. Cat for patiently assisting me and giving me samples of other products that I plan to bring with me to El Nido next week! Expect a review on those very soon. Also to Mr. Henry and Ms. Crystal for their warm welcome during my last visit. 

So have you tried this product? Tell us what you think on the comments section below. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!


R&R Forever

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hey guys! I haven't been blogging at my usual pace on what seems like my busiest week this year. Two of my closest friends just got hitched and I had several meetings plus my daily clinics in between. So yes, life is hectic but still fun especially when blessed with blissful occasions.

Image courtesy of Ian Celis
Anyway, I want to share with you my friends' destination wedding (turned weekend get-away) at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan. The couple loves anything vintage so it wasn't a surprise when they chose a rustic theme.

The venue, Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, is a heritage park featuring the Filipino culture. This place is considered a living museum since it showcases Philippine customs and traditions via their 18th century-inspired community. Visiting this site is like being transported back in the Spanish colonial era.

Casa Jaen II

Casa Meycauayan

They have several houses or casas in the vicinity for overnight reservations and we were fortunate to have occupied two different casas. We spent our first night at Casa Jaen II and our last at Casa Meycauayan.

The Catholic wedding ceremony was held in a chapel within the resort followed by a Christian service at the garden area in the afternoon. Cocktails were served by the pool area and was concluded by a spectacular display of fireworks.

The reception was equally beautiful with good food by the resort's in-house caterer complimented by the best entertainment from The Bloomfields. This band has truly captured our hearts with their invigorating performance.

Additional perks of being a guest/bridesmaid? We were given these lovely gifts! A 16gb USB flash drive which resembles a Swiss knife by Victorinox and a bottle opener that looks like an antique key.

The next morning, we had the luxury of time to immerse in the beauty of the place via a guided tour. The view was breathtaking! You can pretty much see what I'm saying through the images. 

Overall, this once in a lifetime event was successfully and beautifully executed thanks to the joint efforts of the lovely couple, their supportive families, friends and dedicated suppliers. Speaking of suppliers, I can't keep my lips zipped on a certain unfortunate incident that the couple undeservedly experienced from their wedding coordinator. They originally hired Ms. Chinkie Agregado because she's one of the best out there but to the couple's dismay, her performance as a partial coordinator didn't go well. Her inability to make her presence "felt" especially nearing the event is an understatement. She may have been an effective coordinator in her other projects but definitely not with this one. Still, the couple wished her well before officially terminating her services.

Image courtesy of Ian Celis
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful couple, Roygien and Rochelle, for allowing us witness and celebrate this momentous occasion with them. Thank you for your unparalleled generosity and genuine kindness. I am eternally grateful to have both of you as my friends. Cheers to a happy life! We love you.



Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hey guys! I recently attended the Acne Summit 2014 by the Acne Board of the Philippines at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. The event was sponsored by Galderma, a world renowned company specializing in research and development of dermatological solutions to restore and improve skin health. 

Image courtesy of

There was a myriad of interesting topics tackled by our local experts in Dermatology but I won't pound you with all the details. I'll just share with you what I find interesting and helpful to properly care for your skin especially when faced with a common skin condition such as acne.

Image courtesy of
I have my share of nightmares about acne in my early teens and I thank my dear mother for not letting me go through that ordeal on my own. She sought the help of a friend who referred me to a Dermatologist. So if you're suffering from acne, please consult a skin expert. It's always best to get the proper treatment from a professional rather than playing doctor.

Image courtesy of
Experts also stressed that acne is multi-factorial and not solely caused by one thing. Most interestingly, one speaker even mentioned that makeup doesn't cause or aggravate acne nor does it delay treatment response. So to those concerned, you can still put on makeup! Yey!

Image courtesy of
If you're skin is acne prone like mine, here are some useful tips to live by. Basically, your skin care products should be non comedogenic. You might want to stay away from products containing oleic acid and isopropyl ester that tend to plug your pores. Remember, oil free is not the same as non comedogenic, just make sure to check product labels carefully. Your skin care products should not worsen your acne. Emulsifiers, lanolin, fragrances and mineral oil have the tendency to do that so try to keep away from them as well.

Image courtesy of
As for the ideal cleanser in Acne, it should be gentle, pH balanced, can sustain hydration, soothing, can control sebum, soap free and alcohol free.

Image courtesy of
Never go out unprotected from the harmful rays of the sun. An ideal sunscreen should protect you from both UVA and UVB rays with a high SPF. 

Image courtesy of
Most importantly, adherence to treatment plays a major impact on good outcome. Once you are given a regimen, follow it. If nothing happens, inform your doctor about it. You need to work together for best results. 

The good thing about the event? Galderma provided everyone full size bottles of Cetaphil Oil Control Foam Wash and Oil Control Facial Moisturizer with SPF 30. I'm so excited to try them and let you guys know what I think. How about you? Have you tried any of these products from Galderma? Do share your thoughts on the comments section below. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


SK-II: Facial Treatment Essence

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hey guys! I can't keep my excitement about a product I've been using for approximately a month now, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. It was generously given by my cousin who's based in Singapore and thanks to her I got to try it even for a short while. 

It came in this 30ml plastic bottle which I thought wouldn't last but I'm happy to say that it did last for a whole month after applying sparingly every night. 

As seen on the back label, its main ingredient is Galactomyces, a unique yeast strain. This strain undergoes fermentation yielding a metabolic product known as Pitera, SK-II's signature ingredient. Pitera is a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids that work together to  dramatically improve skin translucency and smoothness. 

I opted to show you how small the sample is by putting it beside my Majolica Majorca Brow and Lash Colorist. Despite being tiny, it still lasted a while.

Image courtesy of SK-II
The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is actually as clear and runny as water. It has a distinct scent that I find really refreshing. It doesn't sting even when used on active pimples. I love that it easily gets absorbed leaving my skin feeling supple and hydrated without looking greasy. I used this every night after cleansing my face and top it with my usual serum and moisturizer from the Shiseido White Lucent line. After a month of religious application, I am happy to say that my skin is smoother, looks more luminous and even toned. It didn't cause any untoward skin reactions like purging or visible peeling. 

Image courtesy of Luxola

The downsides are a few yet quite major. First is availability, SK-II products are hard to come by in Manila considering this is an Asian brand. As far as I know, they're only available in Duty Free and several online shops. Please do leave a comment below if you know other local places selling SK-II. Another thing that matters a lot is the hefty tag. The 75ml bottle of Facial Treatment Essence alone retails for Php 3,516 while the 215ml bottle is Php 8,275 in Luxola. 

Image courtesy of Luxola

If your budget allows you to get the 75ml bottle, might as well buy the Pitera Essence set instead for the same price that comes with samples of the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion (30ml) and Facial Treatment Mask (1-pc).

Image courtesy of SK-II
Overall, I am in love with this product and I do recommend it to those of you who want an essence capable of improving your skin. Have you tried any of the SK-II products? Do share your thoughts on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day!