EOS: Sweet Mint

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hey guys! You know how your passion for something can keep you sane even when faced with the most devastating experience? That's exactly how blogging is to me. It has been my passion for 3 years now and it still serves as an effective medium that takes me to a different world far from where I dwell. Anyway, going back to the topic at hand, this is just a short and sweet review on my recent purchase from The Fab Panda, the eos lip balm in sweet mint.

My very first experience with purchasing an eos lip balm was a total let down because I got a fake one! Anyway, you can read all about it by clicking here. Good thing one of my close friends started an online shop selling authentic products that are priced reasonably. So when she restocked her eos lip balms, I just knew I had to get one again. 

I love that the expiration date is shown but I wish it wasn't on the seal that you peel off, throw away and forget. 

There's the familiar round case and pastel color of an eos lip balm. 

The actual lip balm is dome shaped and has a faint fruity fragrance that's over powered by a menthol scent. It has a very smooth texture that glides on your lips easily when applied. I love that it gives a fresh minty feel that's not too strong and doesn't sting. It doesn't feel waxy at all or heavy on the lips. If it weren't for the fresh minty feel, you won't know it's on your lips. This effectively moisturizes your lips and keeps them from cracking. Staying power may not be too impressive because it seems to fade after a couple of hours but I really don't mind reapplying it on my lips every chance I get. Price wise, the eos lip balm is quite affordable because you're getting a lot for just Php 250. You may get this from local online sellers like The Fab Panda. 

Now here's a special treat which came in free, a sample of PRADA Infusion d'Iris. I'm not a perfume junkie but I love how this smells! It exudes a refreshing citrus scent that's not too strong yet lingers for a few hours. Thanks to The Fab Panda for introducing me to this scent, I will definitely put this on my must-haves list. 

Any thoughts on eos lip balms? Do share them on the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have an incredible week ahead!


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