Friday, October 31, 2014

Hey guys! You read that right, yours truly attended this year's Blogapalooza held at SM Aura. If you haven't heard of Blogapalooza.. uhmmm.. where have you been all these years? Kidding aside, I've read about this event a couple of years back and I never imagined I'd be in it one day.

I can't help but take this picture. It feels so good gracing this event as my other self.. a blogger. Since we got there late in the afternoon, it only took us a few minutes to register.

On stage was one of the two geniuses behind Blogapalooza, Vince Golangco of When in Manila. He was hosting the event as we walked in the convention hall. 

There were tons of other booths in the event that my blogger friend (allaboutbeauty101) and I didn't get to see everything. Since we came in late, some of them were either closed or ran out of giveaways. 

Our Awesome Planet by Anton Diaz, the other host of this event, also had a booth right smack in the middle of the venue. 

There were so many participating brands and one of my favorites is Flawless. We were asked to like their Facebook page and in return we got to play for special prizes.

Pop-a-Zit was indeed fun! You get a prize every zit you pop with 3 darts that equal to 3 chances. I suck at playing darts but I was able to hit one and got awesome products from Flawless. 

What did I tell you? Awesome right? I got the Flawless Stem Cell Night Serum as well as the Stem Cell Day Cream both in full sizes! Now you know why the Flawless booth sits on top of my list. 

What's even great about them was their major prizes! This pink vanity travel kit plus all the premium products from Flawless (including iSkin!!!) made me want to finish the event just to get a chance at winning. A bigger pink luggage bag (underneath) was also up for grabs but I'm not sure what else were included. To the LUCKY girl/guy who got to take either of these eye candies home.. I sooooo envy you! Maybe you want to share that iSkin bottle with me, just give me a nudge and I'll gladly test the product for you! #shamelessbegging.

Another awesome booth was that of Sample Room's. How I wish I have the same vanity set at home. 

My friend and I were hoping to get those Burt's Bees goodies but we didn't get to join the Instagram promo. Two thumbs up to Sample Room for packing tons of give aways for everyone! Just look at that tall rack full of gifts! There were still lots of them even towards the end of the event. 

Another booth worth the praises was from Yellow Cab. Those who needed a little carbo boost after waiting in line at the other booths were all welcome to get a big slice of goodness. 

Others had a more interactive approach during the event like Ideal Vision. I would've loved to show them my "moves" but they were packed.

I'm guessing no one got hungry with all the free food lying around. 

This booth from BrainFit Studio got me very interested. They offer a scientific approach to accelerate learning and use different programs designed to enhance a child's capacity to learn. Interested? You can check out their website to know more about them or contact them via

How I wish these were given away for free but sad to say they're just on display. Good news is they're available at NIU, the newest upscale buffet restaurant in town by Vikings. If you love buffets but want more high end dishes like lobster or fillet mignon then you're in for a real treat! Did I mention that some of the dishes are plated and delivered right to your table? Neat huh? 

This booth would've capped my day with a bang if the Toothless plush toys were given for free! Oh well, you can't have it everything!

Overall, my first ever experience of attending the Blogapalooza was a blast. Everyone was just amazing and friendly as they introduced their brands to us. Although it didn't bother me much, I still think those manning/representing the booths shouldn't be availing of other booths' goodies especially when there are still participants coming in. I also wish the next Blogapalooza will be held in Q.C. area so I can really get to attend the event from start to finish.

That's probably it guys, thank you for reading my post and have a nice day!


AVON: Shop Online

Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Hey guys! Avon, one of the world's trusted brands in the beauty industry, finally joins the online community. Now you can order online with just a click! Check out Avon's best selling products here and experience hassle-free shopping. 

Thank you for dropping by and have a great week ahead!


Check out my new Avon eBrochure!

Check out my new Avon eBrochure!: Hi everyone! Here's a sneak peek at some of the latest products available in my Avon eBrochure. Be sure to click PLAY and LIKE!

DERMCLINIC: Pre-Anniversary Deals

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hey guys! I have to admit that I'm a skin care junkie who's always on the look out for products and services that work best for my skin. This is why I got so excited when Dermclinic launched their Pre-Anniversary Deals for the entire month of October.

There are six packages to choose from. I was actually torn between the Anti Acne and the Intense Whitening Packages. The real deal breaker was the skin care kit that comes along with the promo. Seeing that a month's supply of Glutathione capsules is included in the Intense Whitening Package made me decide to get it without batting an eyelash. Read on to know what products are included in the kit.

NuDerm Supreme White Intensive Whitening Soap with Micro-peel  |  135 g  |  Php 190
This is a huge white bar which I'm pretty sure will last long especially if you use it exclusively on your face. This soap is unscented and didn't irritate my skin or cause adverse reactions. 

NuDerm Supreme White Intensive Whitening Toner with Micro-peel  |  125 ml  |  Php 375
This is a clear toner that's virtually unscented. It doesn't sting or cause skin tightening. A lightly soaked cotton pad is all you need so this bottle will surely last long. 

NuDerm Supreme White Intensive Whitening Cream with Micro-peel  |  50 g  |  Php 500
This product was specifically pointed out by the Dermatologist who assisted me to cause visible peeling. I was instructed to use it every other night for a week then shift to every night. This cream is easy to apply and didn't irritate my skin. After first use, I had micro-peeling which was only evident when I applied a moisturizer and traces of dead skin got rubbed off. 

NuDerm Moisturizing Sunblock SPF 40  |  100 ml  |  Php 300
The size of this product is pretty much impressive! I'm guessing it will last months before I consume the entire tube. It's opaque white, unscented and is quite runny. This cream dries off quickly and leaves a white cast so you might want to top it with foundation or loose powder.

NuDerm Supreme Glutathione Capsules  |  30 caps  |  Php 1,500
This bottle of Glutathione capsules is the best product included in the Thera Medical Pack. Dermclinic suggests to take 1 capsule once a day as a supplement. 

Overall, this skin care kit looks very promising. The combination of products perfectly covers your whitening needs. The micro-peeling is so subtle you wouldn't even notice it. The total value for just the kit alone is Php 2,865 so you're getting more than what you pay for. 

#Shameless #fortheloveofblogging
As for the Intense Whitening Facial, I just had one this morning and I'm quite neutral about it. I neither hate nor love the service. I was just expecting for a more thorough extraction during the facial like the ones I'm used to. Although the therapist said she was only giving me a mild extraction, I still expected her to do it on my entire face instead of just concentrating on my nose and chin. 

Regardless of the so called "mild" extraction, this promo still ROCKS! Imagine paying Php 2,500 for 4 sessions of Intense Whitening Facial plus a Thera Medical Pack instead of Php 4,960! Great huh? But... wait for it... I won't avail this package for its regular price because I believe I can get a more satisfying service plus products with the same value.

Any questions? Feel free to leave them on the comments section below. Thank you for reading my post and have a wonderful weekend!


SALE: S&R Membership Shopping

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey guys! I couldn't believe I'd breeze my way through S&R during their recently concluded sale. I've been a silent member for months and never got to shop until a couple of weeks ago when I didn't pass on the chance to check out the items on sale. 

(L) Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo  |  1.18 L  |  Php 499  (SALE: Php 399)
(R) Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Conditioner  |  1.18 L  |  Php 499 (SALE: Php 399)
These Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner are the reasons why I keep coming back to S&R. They're fairly priced and cheaper even on regular tag. I love that they come in humongous 1.18 L bottles with pump dispensers. Considering I have long tresses that reach my elbows, a bottle lasts around 5 to 6 months! Imagine how these can last if you have shorter hair. I love how the shampoo cleanses my hair thoroughly leaving it feeling soft and silky. The conditioner is as wonderful because it truly nourishes my hair leaving it tangle-free.

Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Lotion  |  532 mL |  Php 999.95 (Buy 1 Take 1)
The next thing I look forward to whenever I go to an S&R sale is the BUY 1 TAKE 1 promo on Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. I love how this product is mild and hypoallergenic yet keeps my skin moisturized the entire day. This is why I never fail to avail the promo even if I still have a bottle in stock. 

(L) Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar  |  113 g  |  Php 379.95  (6 bars)
(R) Dove Advanced Care 48 h Anti-perspirant Deodorant  |  74 g  |  Php 199.95
I also got a couple more of Dove products that I'm quite curious to try. First is the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar. I don't remember hearing about this product in the past or else I would've tried it earlier. I'm excited about the promise of renewed skin without the harm effects of peeling because this bar is also made of moisturizing cream that won't dry your skin. Another Dove product I got is the Advanced Care 48h Anti-perspirant Deodorant for sensitive skin. My under arms aren't sensitive but I still got 2 of these because I heard from a friend that this variety works so well in whitening the underarms. I'll let you know if they do on mine too! 

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream  |  566 g  |  Php 749.95
I've always adored Cetaphil and have been wanting to buy a tub of their Moisturizing Cream since I saw one in Greenhills. In the past days, I've developed rashes on my cheeks and forehead so I got to try this mixed with a mild topical steroid and they worked so well after just a single use!

Spectra Jumbo Cotton Balls  |  300 pcs  |  Php 99.95
Delon Premium Cosmetic Cotton Rounds  |  100 pcs  |  Php 99.95
These were a sight to behold! Being a skin care junkie makes me all giddy and excited about cotton. The cotton balls are as cheap as the ones I get from a medical supplier. The cotton rounds are better than my last  from The Body Shop. This is more textured hence best used to remove makeup. 

Crest 3D White Luxe Multi-Care Whitening Rinse  |  946 ml  |  Php 349.95
I'm not so crazy over mouth wash but I like to whiten my teeth every chance I get so the label "Glamorous White" won me over. I'll see if this product truly does what it claims and I'll keep you posted.

(L) Kirkland Signature Vitamin C 1000 mg  |  500 tabs  | Php 1,299.95
(R) Kirkland Signature Vitamin E 400 I.U.  |  500 softgels  |  Php 999.95
These supplements are hands down the most cost-effective purchase I made. I've been buying supplements from the local drug stores and supermarkets in the past years and never did I realize how much cheaper buying from S&R is. Good thing I got to browse through the shelves where these were displayed on my way to the counter.

eos lip balm  |  5 spheres  |  Php 749.95

Last of all is my most cherished purchase, a pack of eos lip balms! This has got to be my best find. I am so obsessed with eos lip balms that I intend to buy more. Good thing I don't have 3 of those included in the pack because I'm sharing them with a good friend. Each balm only costs Php 149.99 which is definitely cheaper compared to buying them from online sellers individually for Php 250. 

Overall, my experience with shopping at S&R was worth every effort. I got to buy a lot of discounted items and regular items that are still cheaper than when bought in local stores. I highly recommend you be a member and start to benefit from perks of being one. The only downside of shopping at S&R, most specifically during sale, is the big crowd that awaits you.

Any thoughts on S&R shopping or on any product mentioned above? Don't be shy, comment away! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week ahead.


GOLD: On Sale

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hey guys! I wandered along the aisles of Fishermall once again but this time I wasn't really expecting to find what I needed for an upcoming event. I'll be wearing a black dress and a good friend suggested my shoes and bag should match. After a frustrating search in Trinoma and SM North, I decided to try my luck in Fishermall. Good thing I did because I found just what I was looking for! 

I'm not so much into gold stuff but these are too lovely to pass. I love that the shade isn't too glaring and the embelishment not too flashy. i also like how the thin vertical straps make my feet look slender. This pair has the classic belt buckle locks but not the ones you need to unbuckle each use. They're the type you hook up which is more convenient. It also comes with thin yet stable heels that boost your height to about 2 inches.

Ledonne included a fabric pouch for proper storage as well as an extra heel sole. After finding the perfect heels, I pushed my luck and looked for a bag to match them.

The sales rep specifically recommended this gold studded clutch which is apparently their best seller.

It has a twist lock that I find most convenient especially in clutch bags. 

On the back is the snakeskin pattern.

The clutch opens up completely and has a zipper to keep your things safe. It also comes with a detachable silver chain strap so you can use this as a shoulder or hand bag. 

Inside, the clutch is lined by silk and you'll notice a pocket where you can slip in smaller things like keys, cards or money.

See how these match? I got the sandals at 50% off and the clutch at 20% off. Now these babies will hit the road very soon! Thanks for visiting my site and have a wonderful weekend!