DERMCLINIC: Pre-Anniversary Deals

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hey guys! I have to admit that I'm a skin care junkie who's always on the look out for products and services that work best for my skin. This is why I got so excited when Dermclinic launched their Pre-Anniversary Deals for the entire month of October.

There are six packages to choose from. I was actually torn between the Anti Acne and the Intense Whitening Packages. The real deal breaker was the skin care kit that comes along with the promo. Seeing that a month's supply of Glutathione capsules is included in the Intense Whitening Package made me decide to get it without batting an eyelash. Read on to know what products are included in the kit.

NuDerm Supreme White Intensive Whitening Soap with Micro-peel  |  135 g  |  Php 190
This is a huge white bar which I'm pretty sure will last long especially if you use it exclusively on your face. This soap is unscented and didn't irritate my skin or cause adverse reactions. 

NuDerm Supreme White Intensive Whitening Toner with Micro-peel  |  125 ml  |  Php 375
This is a clear toner that's virtually unscented. It doesn't sting or cause skin tightening. A lightly soaked cotton pad is all you need so this bottle will surely last long. 

NuDerm Supreme White Intensive Whitening Cream with Micro-peel  |  50 g  |  Php 500
This product was specifically pointed out by the Dermatologist who assisted me to cause visible peeling. I was instructed to use it every other night for a week then shift to every night. This cream is easy to apply and didn't irritate my skin. After first use, I had micro-peeling which was only evident when I applied a moisturizer and traces of dead skin got rubbed off. 

NuDerm Moisturizing Sunblock SPF 40  |  100 ml  |  Php 300
The size of this product is pretty much impressive! I'm guessing it will last months before I consume the entire tube. It's opaque white, unscented and is quite runny. This cream dries off quickly and leaves a white cast so you might want to top it with foundation or loose powder.

NuDerm Supreme Glutathione Capsules  |  30 caps  |  Php 1,500
This bottle of Glutathione capsules is the best product included in the Thera Medical Pack. Dermclinic suggests to take 1 capsule once a day as a supplement. 

Overall, this skin care kit looks very promising. The combination of products perfectly covers your whitening needs. The micro-peeling is so subtle you wouldn't even notice it. The total value for just the kit alone is Php 2,865 so you're getting more than what you pay for. 

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As for the Intense Whitening Facial, I just had one this morning and I'm quite neutral about it. I neither hate nor love the service. I was just expecting for a more thorough extraction during the facial like the ones I'm used to. Although the therapist said she was only giving me a mild extraction, I still expected her to do it on my entire face instead of just concentrating on my nose and chin. 

Regardless of the so called "mild" extraction, this promo still ROCKS! Imagine paying Php 2,500 for 4 sessions of Intense Whitening Facial plus a Thera Medical Pack instead of Php 4,960! Great huh? But... wait for it... I won't avail this package for its regular price because I believe I can get a more satisfying service plus products with the same value.

Any questions? Feel free to leave them on the comments section below. Thank you for reading my post and have a wonderful weekend!


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