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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hey guys! I wandered along the aisles of Fishermall once again but this time I wasn't really expecting to find what I needed for an upcoming event. I'll be wearing a black dress and a good friend suggested my shoes and bag should match. After a frustrating search in Trinoma and SM North, I decided to try my luck in Fishermall. Good thing I did because I found just what I was looking for! 

I'm not so much into gold stuff but these are too lovely to pass. I love that the shade isn't too glaring and the embelishment not too flashy. i also like how the thin vertical straps make my feet look slender. This pair has the classic belt buckle locks but not the ones you need to unbuckle each use. They're the type you hook up which is more convenient. It also comes with thin yet stable heels that boost your height to about 2 inches.

Ledonne included a fabric pouch for proper storage as well as an extra heel sole. After finding the perfect heels, I pushed my luck and looked for a bag to match them.

The sales rep specifically recommended this gold studded clutch which is apparently their best seller.

It has a twist lock that I find most convenient especially in clutch bags. 

On the back is the snakeskin pattern.

The clutch opens up completely and has a zipper to keep your things safe. It also comes with a detachable silver chain strap so you can use this as a shoulder or hand bag. 

Inside, the clutch is lined by silk and you'll notice a pocket where you can slip in smaller things like keys, cards or money.

See how these match? I got the sandals at 50% off and the clutch at 20% off. Now these babies will hit the road very soon! Thanks for visiting my site and have a wonderful weekend!


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