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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hey guys! I can't believe it's been ages since my last post. I've been wanting to write an entry to welcome the month of December but I was so busy I couldn't even decide on what to write about. Good thing I just had a mani-pedi/foot spa that I enjoyed so much it's definitely blogworthy.

I visited Get Polished at the ground floor of Mezza Residences along Araneta Avenue, Sta. Mesa Q.C. It was a rainy Friday afternoon and there were no other clients so I got seated right away.

There were around 5 couches inside the salon and they had no waiting area so better set an appointment for a sure spot when you come in. Although you may also visit them on their lazy hours which usually fall between 1:00 to 5:00 PM. 

A very pretty chandelier greets you at the entrance. They offer an array of services and I got the regular manicure coupled with pedicure and foot spa. 

The base and top coats are both exclusive products of the spa.

There were tons of nail polish bottles to choose from but I was dead set on having a subtle nude color for my finger nails. The receptionist suggested this nail polish from CUCCIO. I don't frequent nail spas as much as I want to but I knew right away that it's a new brand of nail color. The label didn't say what the shade is but it's near nude.

The lady assigned to do my manicure did a really great job! I love how she effectively removed dead skin surrounding my nails and beautifully layered the polish.

As for my toe nails, I chose OPI in Malaga Wine which is a darker shade of red, perfect for the holiday season.

Excuse my chubby toes but I just want you to see how gorgeous the shade turned out. Hooray to OPI!!! 

I also heard OPI polishes don't cause nail discoloration so you might want to try OPI if you've noticed cuticle darkening with your usual brand of nail polish. 

I also want to commend the lady who did my foot scrub and pedicure for the awesome work! She was so persistent in removing every dead skin she could scrape off my feet. I also noticed her unsealing a new scrubbing pad and sticking it on a metal handle. I learned later that they use a new pad for each client which I think is very important for hygienic purposes. 

After my manicure and pedicure, my nails were treated with a drop each of their HALF TIME  Polishing Dry Accelerator. It looks and feels like oil which is why my nails look a bit greasy on the images but the results were worth it. In less then 10 minutes my nails were good to go. 

Overall, my experience with Get Polished is so satisfying that I will definitely come back. I love that their services are fairly priced, I only paid 520 Php in total. Get Polished Nail Spa has several branches around the metro, you may visit their website for more information. 

Thank you for reading my post and have a joyful week ahead!


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