A Whole New Journey

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hey guys! In my last post, I mentioned having a life-changing event which is one of the reasons why I missed updating my blog in the past couple of months. You might be wondering what it was but I guess seeing the image above already gave you an idea. Yes, I got married to my fiance of 5 years on December 6, 2014 at Fernwood Gardens. 

This lovely creation was by Global Invitations and I really love the way it turned out. I wasn't expecting it to be so intricate yet simple and classic.

We stayed at Luxent Hotel, a fairly new establishment in Timog Avenue, Quezon City. Luckily, we got hold of the Luxent Suite which includes this expansive living room, a dining area, kitchen and mini bar. 

Living Room

They have such lovely decorations that I can't help but take pictures. 

Dining, Kitchen, Mini Bar, Powder Room

The Luxent Suite also has 2 master's bedrooms, each having a vanity area, office space and private bath. 

Master's Bedroom #1's Private Bath

Master's Bedroom #2

Master's Bedroom #2's Office Space

Master's Bedroom #2's Private Bath

Oh did I mention the outdoor jacuzzi? Just what every stressed individual needs before a big event. 

Here's a view of the city at night from the living room and below is how things look like on a good day.

My wedding gown and mothers' gowns were created by Edward Teng who took the time to swing by the hotel the night before. This guy is really a professional, so friendly and accommodating to all his clients. I will be doing a tell-all about how we came down to the final design of my wedding gown really soon. 

The gowns included several accessories for the ceremony like the veil, cord, arrhae, ring/bible pillows and a very lovely pouch. 

The morning of our wedding, my mom, brother and best friend had a few minutes to lounge around. You might be thinking how on earth did we manage to look so unstressed. Well, we just allowed the day to pass and went ahead with the flow. 

The first ones to arrive were Edward Teng's crew and they immediately went down to business and unboxed my dress. By the way, I was strictly told not to open the box the evening before so I only got to see my wedding gown in the morning. 

So that's what gowns hide underneath. No wonder they stay fluffy the entire time. 

I was already having my makeup done when the crew finished putting my gown on the body form. I can't remember who took this shot but good thing it was on my phone. This awesome creation and craftsmanship never fails to make me gasp. 

My lovely friends and family who stood by me through it all look so gorgeous don't you think?

My equally fabulous "ninangs" also stole glances with their beautiful aura. 

I would love to share more pictures of us with our families but my phone only have these shots. I'm guessing the battery went dead early but I'm still very thankful the one holding my phone took the liberty to capture every moment. 

If you're planning your own wedding and you want to ask anything about preparations, I might be able to help so just comment down below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you so much for reading my post and have an awesome weekend!



  1. Wow, I like the hotel Jing! How much is the rate for the suite room that you got? :)

    1. Hi Christine! I actually aimed for a more reasonably priced room but we somehow got the suite at the last minute.. Price is kinda steep at p40,000++ per night.