Rediscovered Favorites

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hey guys! Have you ever had a bad case of dry lips? The kind that lipstick can't hide and lip balms can't soothe. Mine was just a couple of weeks ago and it was so bad I almost didn't want to attend an important event. I initially felt my upper lip roughen and it pretty much went downhill from there. Next thing I noticed, my lips were peeling and cracking painfully. I rummaged through my stuff trying to look for a lip balm and while I was at it, I found some things that I used a lot in the past but since new products came in, I totally forgot I still have them.

The elf eye shadow primer (top right) is probably the best drugstore primer I've used. A friend swears by it and encouraged me to give it a try. It comes in a small tube with a screw cap and dough foot applicator. I use this by dotting across my eyelids and spreading it with a finger. It has a creamy texture that dries off almost instantly. I notice my eyeshadow would stay on the entire day without creasing when I use it. Best of all, it comes with a very affordable price of Php 139. The only downside is it tends to dry up quickly hence consumed faster than expected. Mine lasted for only a couple of months but despite that, I still repurchased a tube. 

You may already be aware of my undying love for BB Creams and I have to admit I've purchased more of it than I can consume. One of the first BB Creams I got to try was the Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm (bottom right). It's housed in a 40 gram flask with a pump dispenser and a narrow nozzle. It's virtually unscented, has a creamy texture and blends like a dream giving you a healthy glow. Although it can only give you minimal coverage, I still like this product because it doesn't cake, stays on for a decent amount of time and doesn't break me out. For swatches and comparison with other BB Creams, please click here

Next rediscovered favorite is the Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry (bottom middle). This lip product literally worked wonders on my chapped lips! I never had the chance to blog about this in the past because I sort of misplaced it in one of my bags. Good thing it resurfaced the day I needed it the most. It comes in a squeezable tube which I love because no matter how you empty the contents, the tube retains its shape. The dome shaped applicator has a tiny spout where the product comes out which for me is a bit tricky to use. A slanted or flat applicator would've been better. It has a very subtle sweet scent and cherry taste. The consistency is thinner than its jarred counterpart hence less waxy but still hydrating. I love how it nourished my insanely dry lips back to good health. I'm not so sure if it's still widely available but I just saw it on display at Fisher Mall Supermarket in Q.C. It also comes in a medicated variety which is unflavored. Best part is the very affordable price of only Php 75 a pop.

You may be familiar with the Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder popularized by Kim Kardashian but are you aware that there are other equally amazing shades available? One of them is the Ben Nye Cameo Luxury Powder (bottom left) which gives off a lighter complexion than the Banana Luxury Powder. I love how it instantly brightens my skin and buffers the look of my other compact powders that are darker than my natural color. This may come at a steeper price of around Php 1,000 but the amount that you're getting is crazy! A whopping 85 grams can really last long.

Last but most certainly not the least of my rediscovered favorites is The Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer (top left). This comes in a retractable stick which is very convenient for touch-ups. It also allows you to directly dot the product on unwanted blemishes. In my case, I've learned to use this on my under eye areas by directly drawing slanted lines and blending with my fingers. I love how it effectively conceals my dark circles. For a more detailed review and swatches you may click here.

There goes my rediscovered favorites! Curious about any of them? Ask away and I'll try my best to answer them. Thank you for reading and have an awesome weekend!


  1. I love Ben Nye Jing! :) But I use the Cameo shade. :)

    1. I agree! Cameo suits your fair complexion Christine :)