Big Girl Pencils

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hey guys! I can't believe it's midyear already and it's back to school for most of us. I was actually in a bookstore the other day and found myself reminiscing the times I spent hours shopping for school stuff. I never thought I'd still be thrilled about pencils at my age but this time I'm talking about a different kind.. The kind every girl needs to have in her makeup stash. Cosmetic pencils have always intimidated me simply because I'm afraid I'd mess up. So imagine my delight when I finally plunged in and realized they're not too bad after all. The top three pencils in my stash are (in order of discovery) The Body Shop Eye Definer Pencil, Nichido Lip Pencil and Nature Republic By Flower Wood Eyebrow Pencil.

The Body Shop Eye Definer Pencil

I got The Body Shop Eye Definer Pencil from an event I attended a year ago. Since I wasn't comfortable using pencils back then, it was easily pushed farther down my makeup stash. Good thing it magically resurfaced last month so I got to finally use it. First of all, I am so obsessed with the shade Burnished Amber which appears coppery gold when applied. I love how it glides smoothly on the lids with minimal tugging. This pencil is so pigmented that you won't need to layer it for a pop of color. You can use this as eye liner but I also use it as an eye shadow by drawing on my entire lid and going over it a few times with a blending brush. This pencil has been a life saver for me especially when I'm running late. It stays on the entire day without creasing or looking oily. With regards to the price, I'm afraid I can't tell since I got it as a party favor.

Nichido Lip Pencil, Php 100
Next is the Nichido Lip Pencil in the shade Rosette. I fell head over heels for this product when a friend introduced me to it and insisted that I should give it a try. The shade matches my skin tone perfectly that it immediately hides the dark outline of my lips. It glides on with ease but not as slick as a lipstick or gloss. I use a single layer followed by applying my chosen lip color. I love how it stays on even after a meal so you won't have to retouch it as often. Best of all, it onyl costs Php 100!

Nature Republic By Flower Wood Eyebrow Pencil, Php 155 
My latest purchase is the Nature Republic By Flower Wood Eyebrow Pencil which has an ash gray shade. I don't really know with you guys, but if I was asked to pick an eyebrow pencil I will definitely get dark brown. I always thought gray will make my brows look thick and bushy. I was totally wrong because this pencil made my brows look cleanly sculpted without adding too much volume. It stays on for a few hours and doesn't smear even when your face gets really sweaty. I can say this eyebrow pencil is definitely fool proof and can be used by anyone, even a makeup rookie. What's great is the unbelievably affordable price of only Php 155.

So who says pencils are just for kids or for school? Ladies (and a few gents) also need them for the lips, lids and brows especially those who are always on the go. There may be high end counterparts in the market but if you're just starting to use pencils, it wouldn't hurt to start with affordable ones that work. The only downside is you need to sharpen them depending on frequency of use so if you find that a hassle, you may want to stick with retractable pencils but if you don't these are just perfect!

So what pencil products do you use? Do share those thoughts on the comments section below. Thank you for reading this post and have an awesome weekend!


  1. Hi Jing! I am curious to try the Nichido Lip Liner after reading your review. I do use Etude in nude as a lip liner as it looks like my lip shade.

    Wow! I didn't know that the Nature Republic is affordable, I always thought that their prices are expensive. Thanks so much for the share, now I have a new list of things to buy! :)

    1. Hi Christine! The Nichido Lip liner is really amazing, you should definitely give it a try. Although I'm thinking of getting a retractable lip liner soon and see how it compares to the classic pencil. Any suggestions? :)

    2. I use the retractable lip liner from Etude. It works great and very affordable for only 99php :)