VASELINE: Spray & Go Moisturizer

Friday, August 7, 2015

Hey guys! I really love a good sale especially when I get items worth the effort of endlessly going through racks, display counters and waiting in long lines for check out. Unfortunately, I missed this year's midyear sale in Landmark Trinoma. Although it was a monthlong event, I only got to visit once. After scouring through their beauty section, I was a bit disappointed seeing 10-20% off on selected items only. What actually made the trip worthwhile was finally seeing a product I've been eyeing since I first saw it in S&R, the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer.

I previously posted about not finding this in local beauty counters, so I opted to get the St. Ives Fresh Hydration Lotion which actually turned out to be a great product. You may click here for my full review. Anyhow, though St. Ives immediately won my heart, I still couldn't resist the idea of comparing it to Vaseline. This is why I snagged one even if it wasn't included in the sale. 

This product is housed in a 6.5 oz spray canister. I love that it has a cap which you can twist either way to open and close the nozzle. The entire bottle has a matte texture with a tapered neck hence giving you a better grip. I'm actually impressed with how the spray works. The nozzle effortlessly delivers an even mist of moisturizer with just a light pressure on the cap. 

Instructions on how to use it is illustrated on the back and is pretty much the same with St. Ives. Just direct the nozzle and hold it 4 inches away from your desired body surface, gently push the cap and swirl all around your body. Quickly rub into your skin and you're off to go. This has a hint of vanilla scent which doesn't appeal much to me since I prefer the citrus fragrance of St. Ives. It gives off a cooling effect once the mist touches your skin. It turns into a light creamy texture that applies easily and gets absorbed fast leaving you with well moisturized skin. It's non-sticky and keeps your skin well hydrated the entire day although reapplication is a breeze.

Overall, I'm currently enjoying this product although I do prefer the citrus scent of St. Ives a lot better. It's also priced reasonably at Php 344.75, just Php 20 more expensive than St. Ives. This moisturizer is indeed another amazing product from Vaseline. If it weren't for the scent, I would've preferred this over St. Ives. I just hope Vaseline comes out with varied fragrances in the future. Any thoughts? Do share them on the comments section below and I'll get back to you soon. Thank you for reading this post and have a great weekend!

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