GLAMOURBOX: BYS Special Edition Box

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hey guys! September has got to be the busiest month of my third quarter which is why coming home to a boxful of awesome goodies from Glamourbox the other day felt exactly like Christmas in September. Last week, I got to bond with my good friend Christine of allaboutbeauty101 over lunch and a little shopping. She told me about the Glamourbox BYS Special Edition Box and it didn't take long for me to decide I want one too, hence this unboxing post.

First of all, I love the way Glamourbox delivered on time. I also commend them for making sure the parcel is securely packed. See that bubble wrap? There's no way anyone or anything  can mess up the goodies inside. 

Opening the box initially reveals this information card which details all the products included and a brief description of each item as well as the retail price. 

Now the best part is finally seeing the variety of BYS products. Just the sight of these full sized items made my day complete. 

How can you not gasp over these lovely products? Allow me to give you an overview of the contents so you'd know what you're getting should you decide to avail it. 

BYS Nude Eyeshadow Palette (Nude 1) -- Php 1,199 
I know what you're thinking. This palette looks so familiar you almost thought it was Urban Decay's Naked Palette right? Well it may look similar to the Naked palette but it only costs a fraction of the price. This has a metal case that looks and feels sturdy. It comes with a dual ended brush and a humongous mirror. I'm not sure if it's just my palette but I'm sort of weirded out by the mirror giving a magnified reflection. The eyeshadows are further protected with a transparent seal to prevent them from damage. 

BYS Contour Trio in Sweet -- Php 449
I have no skill when it comes to contouring which is why I have yet to figure out how to make the most out of this palette. Meanwhile, I do love that it includes a blush, highlighter and contour housed in one palette. 

BYS Blush Duo in Miss Pink -- Php 349
This blush is as big as a compact powder so I'm guessing it will be in my stash for a very long time. It includes 2 shades of pink with one color lighter than the other. I'm so excited to give this blush duo a try and see if I can get more than a couple of looks by mixing them in varying intensities. 

BYS Matte Lipstick in Tango -- Php 299
I've been looking into wearing a pop of color on my lips, good thing Glamourbox and BYS threw in a lip color that appears deep red. Packaging is pretty simple but I do hope the stick retracts all the way down so I won't ruin it with the cap. I've read a lot of great things about this lipstick so I'm quite excited to try one for the first time. 

BYS Brow Definition Kit -- Php 399
I'm a newbie when it comes to brow grooming so I've only tried a brow kit once. I didn't enjoy it much and struggled with making the wax and brow powder work for me. I eventually shifted to using the mascara type which had my brows looking dyed so I also ended up not liking it. I'm currently using a brow pencil and so far so good but this brow kit from BYS might be a good way to ease my way back to using brow palettes. 

BYS Nail Polish in Reign Supreme -- Php 199
Lastly, is this nail polish in the shade "Reign Supreme" which appears blue violet. Although I prefer discreet shades like nude and blush, I'm also for trying out new things so this polish will come in handy. 

Overall, this BYS Special Edition Box from Glamourbox is a real steal! Imagine getting an assortment of best sellers from BYS worth almost Php 3,000 and paying only Php 1,100 plus minimal shipping fee. So go get your own Glamourbox now until they're available.

Any thoughts on Glamourbox or BYS? Do share them on the comments section below and I'll get back to you soon. Thank you for visiting and have a great week!

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  1. OMG! I want the Nude 1 too! LOL. Got two set ng Nude 2 from the box and BYS event. Sana Nude 1 nakuha ko sa box. :) Anyway, gusto ko nga mag pa give away!!! :)

    1. I haven't tried it yet but I'm excited to swatch them on my next post. Wow!!! You have the newer palette. I sense a give away coming! :)

  2. I love everything in my BYS Glamourbox. Nude 1 is my first ever eyeshadow palette! :)

    New follower here!
    Mommy Rockin' In Style

    1. Hello Mhaan, great to hear you also love the BYS Glamourbox like a lot of us! Now let's see which particular product will stand out. :)