K-PALETTE: Essence in Shadow Liner

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hey everyone! I've been trying to sport a new look with my eyes using a liquid eyeliner and I now have a newly found admiration for those who can apply it perfectly. Two weeks into it and my hand is still shaky every single time but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I've been using the liquid eye liner from Heroine Make and it's a miracle that it hasn't dried out yet considering my countless mistakes! Afraid of running out of eyeliner to practice on, I decided to get a new one to torture next. I haven't thought of which eyeliner brand to get until I saw a friend's gorgeous eye makeup using just one product, the K-Palette Essence in Shadow Liner. 

The box somehow confused me into thinking that it probably has more products inside but I guess they just needed ample space to print the details. Those of you who like 2-in-1 makeup products will certainly consider this a good find because of the liquid eyeliner on one end and eye shadow on the other. I got #01 which comes with a black liquid liner and brown eye shadow.

The liquid eyeliner has a fine tapered tip which is absolutely great in creating precise lines. I like that it has enough flexibility for ease of use and yet has a firm base. A single swipe gives a nice jet black color on your eyelids. Layering is a breeze because it glides on smoothly and dries off quickly. The color doesn't bleed so it won't creep into the natural creases of your eyelids. Staying power is over the top and doesn't budge the entire day. Since this is a water-proof eyeliner, it doesn't come off easily with washing alone so you need to use a good and gentle makeup remover. Mine is Bioderma Make-up Removing Micelle Solution, it has an effective formula that's gentle enough to use on your eyelids. 

The eye shadow it comes with has a tapered tip that springs out from the wand once opened. This way the tip is pressed firmly against the eye shadow when closed giving you an applicator that's freshly saturated with color each time. You may need to tap off the excess product before using so it won't go on looking powdery. Application is quite simple, a few strokes is all you need to see a pop of color on your lids. I would've loved not having to use an extra tool but you may need a blending brush to soften the edges. The color stays on for 5 hours tops although you may use an eye shadow primer to prolong staying power. Unlike the eyeliner, this comes off easily with simple washing.

You have 4 varieties to choose from including #01 Black x Brown, #02 Brown Black x Camel Brown, #03 Deep Brown x Nude Beige and lastly #04 Pink Brown x Nude Pink.

I swatched all four shades and they look so pretty! Above image shows you a comparison between shades. Sorry for not swatching the shadow liners in order, starting on top is #04 Pink Brown x Nude Pink, #02 Brown Black x Camel Brown, #03 Deep Brown x Nude Beige and #01 Black x Brown which won my heart. 

Overall, I'm loving K-Palette Shadow Liner for its quality and versatility. Although you can pull off an equally gorgeous look with other brands, this one gives you the edge of a dual function product that you can take with you anywhere for quick touch-ups. One downside though is the steep tag of Php 950. If you're on a budget, this might not be the best product for you since there are other brands out there that can perform the same function at a lower cost. If you're willing to splurge on something though, I recommend you try this out and who knows you might like it so much to you'd get them all! That's it guys, I hope this post helped you in any way. Thank you for visiting my page and have great weekend!


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