GUERLAIN: Météorites Perles Du Dragon Illuminating Powder

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hey guys! I am uber excited for today's post because I'm featuring a product that's been on my wish list for the longest time, the Guerlain Météorites Perles Du Dragon Illuminating Powder. This most coveted beauty product costs Php 3,600+ which, in my opinion, is a pretty steep price to pay. Good thing I got this for a great bargain thanks to my cousin who made it happen. 

You can tell how much I love the details on this container with all the shots I made of every angle. I was actually surprised that it's made of tin. Not that I'm complaining, I just always thought it was made of plastic.

The top cover goes off easily yet makes a nice seal when closed. Once you pop the lid open, you'll see a round foam cover which can also double as your applicator. 

Beneath the foam you'll see these heavenly meteorites in various colors. I love that they're a mixture of different shades of yellow, pink, green with full-on bronze and gold. Just a light swirl of any brush picks up a good amount of powder. Remember to tap off the excess so you won't get too much shimmer on your first application. I love how you can make use of this as a highlight or finishing powder to give your skin a hint of glow. Be careful not to overdo it because you might end up looking like the pale faces from the Twilight Saga. I've been wearing this for a week now and it didn't irritate my skin or cause pimple breakouts. This product has a distinct pleasant scent that doesn't linger so I think even those who dislike scented makeup will find this product a good buy.

I finally understand why tons of people are taken by this product! I thought I could find something about it I wouldn't like but I guess the hefty tag is the only draw back I could think of. If you feel like splurging isn't your thing, you still might want to reconsider and probably share it with your sister or friend so you won't have to pay in full. Although you need to decide who gets the dreamy case, having these meteorites to yourself with or without the container  is what really matters. 

Thoughts? Do share them on the comment box below. Thank you for reading my post and have a great week!


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