JOHNSON'S: Healthy Skin Meter

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Hello everyone! It's the first week of July which marks the second half of 2016 and though I know it's cliche to mention, I still think that time flies so fast don't you? I actually have a love and hate relationship with the midyear season. I'm fond of the cool breeze when it rains, the change of fashion from fresh summer clothing to layers of comfy fabric, even the drizzle at the end of the day gives me a sense of delight. But the downpour can get so heavy that I sometimes wish it's summer all over again. I also notice my skin getting dull and flaky especially when the air gets too cold. This is why I keep track of my skin condition and make a few tweaks on my skincare ritual as the season changes.

I have several different skincare products in my stash and though I already have a few favorites on my list, I'm still open to the possibility of finding new ones that might even perform better than what I have. Although I love sharing my thoughts on a variety of cleansers, toners and moisturizers, having a tool to help me evaluate them more objectively might make it more interesting. Good thing I was sent an amazing tool by Johnson's called the Healthy Skin Meter.

This handy tool arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago safely packed in a tiny box. The package contained the MoistSense main unit, two triple A batteries, operation manual and a black velvet pouch with velcro cover to protect the device.

The MoistSense Healthy Skin Meter has a display and power switch on top, a sensor tip on one end and a battery holder on the other end with a sliding lid. To use, press the power switch and allow the device to self calibrate. Apply the sensor on your skin and press lightly for a few seconds until hearing a double beep. The measurement will then show a value between 0 and 99.

When the displayed value is 0 to 50, your current skin condition is considered dry or with insufficient moisture content. If the value is 51 to 99, your skin is in ideal condition or with sufficient amount of moisture. I love that the device has a scoring system that's easy to use and interpret. The values can also be used to evaluate whether your skin has improved its moisture after immediate and prolonged use of any skincare product so do expect to see me use this in my next product reviews.

At this point, I have evaluated my bare face and it appears that my T-zone and chin have ideal moisture with an average value of 60 while the rest of my face like my cheeks are borderline normal to dry valued at 50 and lastly my jawline all the way down to my neck reflected the least moisture with skin meter value of 40. Now I know I have to put a lot more attention to my cheeks, jawline and neck to improve my skin condition.

Overall, the Johnson's Healthy Skin Meter is a nice tool to have around. It may not be a must-have for everyone but it can be very useful when you want to be unbiased in evaluating different skincare products. That's it guys, thank you for reading this post and expect product reviews very soon with the help of this practical tool. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Jing! I want this too! It can track our skin condition and we can maintain it to be healthy easier! Awww do you know where we could get one? :)

  2. I just signed up at the PPS Convention and they sent the device months after. I'll inquirr and let you know soon!