THURSDAY THRIFT: Beauty Formulas body & face cooling mist

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hey guys! If you haven't noticed, I decided to make Thursday Thrift a permanent segment on my blog to feature the products that work really well however don't cause a dent on your budget. These aren't necessarily dupes of expensive brands but they simply perform yet don't cost too much. In today's post, I'm featuring a cooling mist by Body Formulas.

Who doesn't love a refreshing mist after a tiring day at work or a vigorous work-out at the gym? I haven't been doing the latter but I most certainly enjoy using a facial mist when I feel sticky after a day's work. I've tried and have been loving other brands like Evian, Avène and Vichy but they're way too expensive to maintain. Good thing I found a cheaper alternative by Beauty Formulas. 

This mist is actually a rediscovered favorite because I got my first one years ago in a local grocery. You know when you're not even trying to find something beauty related from the most unexpected place then you suddenly see a product that's in your budget so it ends up in your shopping cart? That's pretty much how I found the Beauty Formulas body & face cooling mist.

This product comes in a 150 mL pressurized can with a cap. I love how the nozzle effectively sprays on a refreshing mist each time. The dispenser works so well that you'd mistake it for a high-end brand. It gives off a fine mist with just a gentle push and you don't have to move it around while spraying because it creates a wide span of mist that can cover your entire face. It doesn't have a distinct scent and it instantly refreshes your skin. 

Now let's get down to the more important stuff, ingredients. As much as I love how this mist feels on my skin, the main ingredient is deionized water which doesn't contain minerals unlike thermal spa and spring water used in Vichy and Avène respectively. The minerals are responsible for revitalizing the skin on continued use. This is probably the reason why it only costs a fraction of the higher end brands.

Overall, the Beauty Formulas body & face cooling mist is a nice product to try because it delivers the same refreshing feel on your skin. Although if you're after the long term benefits, you might want to splurge a little on other brands because this mist might not give you the results that spring and spa water can offer.

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