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Friday, October 7, 2016

Hello everyone! About a month ago I attended a symposium at Makati Diamond Residences and got to spend the night there with some friends. It's my first time to stay in one of their suites and I really love that it's equipped with everything you need for a staycation but what really caught my attention was the familiar brand of bath products they provided, shampoo and body wash by Shokubutsu Hana.

I've seen products from Shokubutsu Hana in the grocery several times but never really gave them much attention. Judging by the design of their containers, they appeal to me as herbal or something organic. Anyway, I don't have much worries with my tresses that I never really looked for haircare products other than the ones I'm used to or given to me for free. As I was saying, these bath goodies were in the hotel bathroom and I got to use them twice during my stay.

Shokubutsu HANA Body Wash, Php 99 / 208 mL bottle

The Shokubutsu Hana body wash comes in different varieties but the one in the hotel has the green leaf on it labelled "relax". Just to show you, I also included the other kind with the orange leaf labelled "re-energized" after getting it for free from a buy-2-for-the-price-of-1 deal in Landmark, Trinoma.

The body wash comes in a plastic bottle which houses 208 mL of the product. It's conveniently designed with a flip cover that snaps on tightly when closed. It has a narrow spout which allows you to dispense the contents precisely to your liking. This product is creamy white with a runny consistency. The "relax" type has a fresh floral scent while the "re-energize" kind gives off a citrus vibe. It only takes a dollop amount to get it to lather into a rich foamy texture. It washes off quite easily, leaving your skin cleansed without feeling dry. The scent doesn't linger so you don't have to worry about mixing it with your choice of perfume. I've used up the first bottle which lasted for about 4 weeks and I'm currently on my second. I'm glad to say that it didn't cause any irritation on my skin and I've been loving how it makes me feel fresh and moisturized after each use. 

The Shokubutsu Hana anti-hairfall shampoo in a 100 mL plastic bottle (R) was the one included in the hotel. The bigger bottle (L) in the image above, which I purchased the other day, is intended for soft and silky hair. Since I haven't used the latter, I'll be reviewing the anti-hairfall today and probably keep you posted on the other varieties in my future entries. 

Shokubutsu Hana shampoos come in 3 sizes, 100, 200 and 380 mL housed in plastic bottles with flip covers. The spout has just the right size to easily dispense the rich creamy product. It has a floral scent much similar to the body wash. A small amount lathers up nicely and it easily rinses off, leaving your hair feeling smooth and lightweight. I've used up the 100 mL bottle in 3 weeks which is pretty decent considering I have long hair. In terms of preventing hairfall, I haven't really noticed any difference but I guess prolonged use might show significant results. I'll be be keeping you updated in the future but for now I'm loving this shampoo to bits. 

Overall, I must say I'm pretty impressed with the Shokubutsu Hana bath products and it's refreshing to find out that they're locally manufactured and are widely available in the market despite having originated in Japan. I love the quality and affordability that Shokubutsu Hana products offer which is why I do recommend for you to try them out and see for yourself. That's a wrap and thank you for visiting! Do check out other related topics below and let me know your thoughts. Bye!

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