AESTHETIQUE: Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hey everyone! Today's post is about a beauty tool that I've been longing to have since the day I laid eyes on them. I am talking about the Aesthetique Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device, your very own personal exfoliating tool.

I am not new to microdermabrasion and I've had it done professionally for tons of times since my early 20's. It's a procedure recommended by my dermatologist every month to exfoliate my skin and improve the appearance of my acne scars. Back then, I remember my mom (thank you so much mama! You're the BEST!!!) paying roughly around a thousand pesos for the procedure. When my acne problems died down in my late 20's, I started to lie low on having microdermabrasion and incorporated exfoliating products in my skincare routine instead. 

Recently when I started having melasma and uneven skin tone, I've been advised to exfoliate more often. Good thing microdermabrasion doesn't cost as much now compared to years ago. You can actually get good deals from skincare clinics everywhere but due to my crazy schedule, I'm left with no choice but to have it every six months to a year. This is why I want to have my own device so when the opportunity came and I was offered one at a fairly low price, I didn't think twice and made the purchase. 

The set came in a beautiful white box that looks and feels sturdy. Inside, you'll find the Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device, charging base, USB cable, USB adaptor, exfoliation tips (standard and fine), filters, brush and pouch.

Before using the device, you need to charge it for 3 hours then each succeeding charge should take approximately 2 hours. All you need to do is set the charging base on a flat surface and mount the device on the cradle then plug the charger. By this time, you will see the charge indicator flashing on the bottom of the screen.

Once your device is fully charged, you can assemble the parts by inserting a new filter into the base of the exfoliating tip, opposite the abrasive side. Mount the exfoliating tip into the device then turn it on. Press the MODE button and choose between MANUAL or AUTO MODE. Manual mode gives you a free hand to choose the area, intensity and duration you want to work with. Auto mode is set at a predetermined time and level on each area but you can opt to increase the intensity. I initially tried the auto mode to familiarize myself with the device but I didn't like rushing through each area so I switched to manual mode. Good thing it came with a comprehensive user guide indicating the type of tip, duration and level for each area.

The device has a standard exfoliation tip for the forehead, cheeks, chin, neck and chest. The smaller exfoliation tip is meant for areas around the mouth, nose and eyes. 

I like how the LCD display lights up when you use it, indicating the area where you have to position the tip. The illuminated screen also displays the mode, battery charge, timer and suction level. While using the device, you can adjust the exfoliation level to your liking by pressing the up or down button. At any point, you can choose to pause it, giving you enough time to position the abrasive tip on the  proper area. 

Aesthetique recommends using the Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device once weekly but I prefer using mine every 3 to 4 weeks of having a facial. After each use, pull the abrasive tip and discard the used filter. Clean the tip with the brush provided, wash with soapy water and let dry before storing. 

Overall, the Aesthetique Revitalize Microdermabrasion Device is everything I hoped it would be. It works exactly the same as the machines used in aesthetic clinics. I love that it's so handy and light so you can bring it anywhere with you. I've had this device for 2 months now and used it thrice already. I'm impressed with how my melasma and acne scars lighten more quickly. If you're like me who has skin issues that need to be addressed with microdermabrasion, I'm sure you'll love this device as much as I do. It may be a hefty investment now but you're bound to save more eventually. This device is available in selected online shops and is priced at Php 10,000.

That's a wrap guys! Stay tuned for more updates on this in the next months. Thank you for taking the time to read this entry and have a fun week!

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  1. Oh wow! Great post! I'm actually scared to try such products with me doing it on my own face. I just normally go to aesthetic clinics. But after reading this, I guess hmmm, it's worth a try to have at home :)

    I'm loving your blog, Jing! I just followed you via GFC and Bloglovin. The Instagram link on top seems broken but good thing you have your widget. Followed you also in Instagram. Hope we can follow each other. :) I just recently tried to get back to my blogging and catch up with long time blogger friends, and hopefully make new ones like you. Keep in touch dear!

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai
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