REAL TECHNIQUES: 6 Miracle Sponges by Sam & Nic Chapman

Friday, March 10, 2017

Hey everyone! I was at Watson's in SM North a few days ago doing my usual rounds along the beauty section. It's actually a common thing I do to release stress and make sure nothing escapes my radar when it comes to new beauty releases. Good thing Watson's never fails to surprise me with amazing stuff to try like the Real Techniques Miracle Sponges by Sam & Nic Chapman.

Honestly, I look up to the Beauty Blender as the best sponge applicator in the market. My very first was  a "requested" gift from a friend and the price is too painful to bear that I've been trying to look for more affordable alternatives. Sadly, none of the ones I've tried comes close to the superb quality of the beauty blender. I was about to quit looking until I found good reviews on the Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge. Since my beauty blender is fairly new, I didn't jump right in and buy the RT miracle complexion sponge. 

When I saw this set of 6 miracle sponges by RT, I knew I had to get one. Thinking about it now, I realize procrastination has its benefits so instead of owning just one, I have three kinds of miracle sponges in my turf. The set comes in a typical Real Techniques transparent box so you can see the sponges right away. 

The sponges are neatly placed in a plastic mould hence keeping them in place. This set includes two miracle complexion sponges (orange), three miracle mini eraser sponges (purple) and a miracle sculpting sponge (pink). 

The miracle complexion sponge is almond shaped with a tapered edge on one side to reach every angle of your face especially the corners of the nose and eyes. The slanted surface on the other end provides a flat surface which can be used to apply your choice of foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer. I also love using the flat surface to apply finishing powder on my under eye areas. This sponge is slightly bigger than a classic beauty blender and expands to an even bigger size when damp. I find that the size makes the sponge easier to grip because it snugly fits my palm.

Next are the miracle mini eraser sponges that somehow look like smaller versions of the miracle complexion sponge. The sponge is tapered on one edge, perfect for those hard to reach corners of the eye and nose while the other side is flatly tapered and shaped like a wedge for areas of your face that need precision application of any type of makeup. These are meant to erase makeup mishaps but I use one primarily for baking the under eye areas.

Lastly is the miracle sculpting sponge which to me has the most unique and unfamiliar shape among the rest. Both edges are tapered, having a flat tear-drop surface on one edge and a flat circular surface on the other. This sponge is designed for contouring and highlighting your facial features both of which aren't my cup of tea. This is why I'll be reserving this for applying foundation and concealer instead. 

Overall, this set is heaven sent for those who are into stepping up their foundation game. Although it may not be too economical if you're just starting out since a set will cost you Php 1,250, still getting one will help you save more in the end. After trying almost a dozen of other brands in the market, I can safely say that the Real Techniques miracle sponge is the only thing that comes close to the quality and function of the beauty blender. 

All sponges are firm yet soft and squishy. They expand beautifully into almost double the original size and gets even softer when damp. They function perfectly for applying your foundation, concealer and setting powder. I've only been using them for a couple of days now so I can't speak for longevity but what I love so far is the colors don't bleed when washed. 

That's a wrap guys! Thank you so much for reading my post. Please check out my other blog entries before you go. Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Wow! This looks pretty awesome! I never thought there would be different kinds of blenders. I'm still learning! Great post :)

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