BIOSWISS: Cordless Callus + Dry Skin Remover

Friday, May 19, 2017

Hey everyone, I'm on my first month in the US and so far it's been a bliss. Aside from reuniting with family and friends, one of the best things to enjoy in a foreign country is the cool weather. Although being in a cold place has its perks, I've noticed how it's taken a toll on my skin. My face has been looking dry and flaky but that's another story which I'll be posting in a different entry anytime soon. 

The dryness on the rest of my body is thankfully controlled by my newest favorite skin care product, the Olay Quench Ultra Moisture Body Lotion with Shea Butter and Vitamins E & B3. Unfortunately, the lotion didn't do much for my heels that are now too dry and cracked. This is why I took hubby's advice and looked for a callus remover. We were particularly looking for the Ped Egg but couldn't find one so we bought something similar, the BioSwiss cordless callus + dry skin remover. 

We got this at Marshalls for $7.99 which is roughly Php 400. If you're like me who haven't been to Marshalls before, it's a chain of variety shops in the US where you can find a myriad of stuff from fashion, home, lifestyle and beauty that are hugely discounted.

The set comes with the device, stainless steel shaving disc, buffing disc, cleaning brush and 6 extra buffing pads. 

The device has just the right size and snuggly fits my hand. It has a rubberized side to make this non-slip while in use.

The back side features a sliding cover which reveals the spot where four double A batteries go although I would've liked this device better if it was rechargeable. 

It has a power switch featuring two different speed settings and I always seem to get better results with the faster speed. The round portion on top of the device is where you mount the discs by just a quick firm push. Make sure the disc is tightly placed to prevent it from detaching while in use.

Use | Effectivity
The first time I used it, I was instantly impressed with the results. I started with the steel shaving disc on low speed which effectively trimmed the dry, peeling skin. I later realized that the faster speed works way better and can soften the rough edges with just a few strokes. You won't be seeing any of the dead skin falling off because they're all trapped under the disc. I used the buffing disc next which was a bit messier since dead skin gets pulverized right on the pad. At that point, my heels felt smooth but appeared to have been covered with fine powder. 

While using the device, you may feel a tinge of heat if you focus on one area too long so I suggest to hover over one area at a time. Make sure to wash your feet before using it to soften dead skin for easier buffing. You may apply foot lotion after using the callus remover and put on socks to keep your feet hydrated. Remember to clean the discs after each use by tapping them on a flat surface. 

The BioSwiss cordless callus + dry skin remover is truly an effective device that removes callus, polishes and buffs away the skin. Using the buffing disc is a bit messy but can be simply resolved by washing with water or applying lotion.

I find this tool very helpful especially if you're unable to get a regular foot spa like me but if you're fortunate to have smooth heels and don't easily develop dry skin, you may skip getting this device.

That's about everything guys. Be sure to check out my other entries before you go. Thank you for visiting and have an amazing day!

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