Simple tips for a smoother travel

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hey everyone! It's been ages since I last written an entry which is why I'm about to flood this post with an ample amount of excuses. Seriously though, I'm currently on vacation and the first thing I thought of sharing with you guys are tips on how to make traveling a little less painful than it has to be.

1. Be punctual
My flight was scheduled at the time when NAIA had manpower woes so the lines at the immigration were crazy. This is why I'm stressing the importance of being early in any situation that involves traveling. Just remember to bring a light snack, fully charged smart phone or a good reading material if you're old school to keep you entertained while waiting. 

2. Do online check-in
Online check-in is usually available at least 24 hours before a scheduled flight. This way you can reserve your desired seat and more importantly get in line ahead of the others. In my case, I booked Korean Air and luckily they have designated gates for online check-in. 

3. Bring a carry on luggage
I used to think that having a trolley bag as carry on can be a big hassle but I was proven wrong during my last two flights. It can come really handy especially if you plan to shop at the airport. You can just toss all your stuff in and you're left with one bag to deal with. My lay over was at Incheon International Airport and I can't begin to describe how amazing the shopping experience was! The place is so huge with a vast array of shops you'd mistake it for a mall.

4. Bring a neck pillow
No matter how long my flight is, I always tend to doze off and wake up with neck pain. This is why I never travel without a neck pillow. I've always liked the U-shaped pillow but last time I used one, I didn't get the comfort I hoped for. When the guy next to me in the plane to Chicago pointed out how the pillow is too thick around the nape, I realized I had to replace mine. Good thing I found one that's shaped like a dumbell. It snugly fits around my neck and the edges perfectly support my head.

5. Use a passport holder
I travelled a few times with just a sling bag and it worked out fine. Little did I know then how a simple travel accessory can make a big difference. If you don't have one yet, better get a passport holder that's big enough to accommodate travel documents, has pockets for ID, credit card and money as well as extra compartments for coins and foreign currency. A sling strap is a nice feature but isn't really necessary, for me at least. Mine is from American Tourister and has been serving me for three years.

There you go guys, I hope these tips can somehow help you with your future travels. Do let me know your thoughts or if you have questions by leaving them on the comment section below. Kindly check out my other posts before you go. Thank you and have a great week ahead!

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