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Friday, June 30, 2017

Hey everyone! Today's post is not the usual stuff I write about so please bear with me on this. While in the US and in between visiting friends and family, there were several days when I had to stay home while hubby was at work. After accomplishing daily errands, I was often left with a few hours to spare. I initially took the free time updating this blog but I was still left with more time to kill especially at night while waiting for my other half to arrive.

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Good thing I came across the series Hart of Dixie on Netflix and it quickly became part of my daily routine. I've heard about this show a few years ago and I didn't want to start watching it after learning that the plot was similar to my all time favorite series, Gilmore Girls. At that time I was heartbroken when it ended after 7 seasons and I resisted giving Hart of Dixie a chance after hearing it took over Gilmore Girls' studio. In my mind, Hart of Dixie made it impossible for Gilmore Girls to come back.

With all that bitter thoughts in mind, I started watching the show without ever thinking I'd get hooked! The story starts with Dr. Zoe Hart, an aspiring heart surgeon from New York who had to practice as a general physician in a fictional Alabama town called Bluebell. There she struggles to fit in and had to work harder to adapt to a more laid back southern life.

George Tucker is Bluebell's town lawyer who became one of Zoe's love inetrests in the show. You'd think they make a perfect match if only George wasn't engaged to his highschool sweetheart. Honestly, I'm not a ZoeRge fan because I think they don't have a spark.

In comes fireworks with Wade Kinsella, the town's bad a** bartender/ladies man. I love how Zoe and Wade's constant bantering draws a certain air of romance that's yet to be seen. Wade keeps on hooking up with every woman available in town except for the most eligible, his constant foe Zoe who by the way rents a place just across his.

Lavon Hayes is the town Mayor and Zoe's closest friend and landlord in Bluebell. He's a former NFL player who's tough on the outside, soft on the inside. He is Bluebell's most eligible bachelor yet hasn't shown any interest on the local ladies. He had a secret affair with Lemon Breeland, town sweetheart and finance of George Tucker which took place while George was in New York working for his dad's company.

Lemon Breeland, the conservative and uptight town sweetheart and leader of the Belles, Bluebell's elite group of young women chosen to uphold the traditions of the group passed on by their predecessors. Her engagement with George Tucker made her an instant rival of Zoe but the conflict simmers even more as the seasons went on. She's a perfectionist who prefers to stick by the town's customs and practices. This is why to her, Zoe's New Yorker attitude doesn't coincide with the town of Bluebell.

Annabeth Nass is Lemon's best friend since high school and right hand Belle. She's a divorcee who later lands the heart of Mayor Lavon Hayes. Being a great friend to Lemon, she often restrains her own happiness to give way to her best friend's own. She eventually breaks away from Lemon's shadow and even became leader of the Belles at one point. She also has a good thing going with Zoe and later brings Lemon and Zoe together.

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Dr Brick Breeland is the town's beloved doctor and father of Lemon Breeland. He dominates the clinic where Zoe started practicing as a general practitioner. You may see him as one of the hurdles to Zoe's small town life but he later eases into a father figure for her as the story progresses.

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I love the simple plot and the relaxing feel it gives me everytime I watch it. The light comedy and cute romance between the characters kept me entertained. The conflicts presented may be a bit far fetched from life's reality but gives you a certain feeling of hope. Although every character in the show reminds me a bit of those in Gilmore Girls, still each one of them played the parts charmingly.

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As with all TV series, even the best ones come to an end. I think ending the show after 4 seasons was just right but having only 10 episodes on the last was a bit disappointing. I wish they dedicated an episode for each major character and summed everything up to an ending. It would've been nice to see how they are after finding love and living their lives in Bluebell. Nonetheless, this is still a good addition to your must-watch shows on Netflix.

That's a wrap guys! Let me know if you like reading TV show reviews like this. If you're a Hart of Dixie fan let me know what you think about the show on the comment box below. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and have a great weekend!

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