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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hey everyone welcome back to my blog! It's been raining in the afternoon for the past days so I hope you guys stay safe on the road and take good care of yourselves always. Since I've been reviewing makeup and skincare products the entire time, I thought of starting this month with a lifestyle entry instead by sharing with you a what's in my bag post. I've seen others do it on YouTube and I actually enjoy the new things I discover from what others carry in their purses so I hope I can do the same for you, my beloved readers. Let's get it on shall we?

First of all, the bag I'm using is a Saffiano Zip Zip Satchel by Dooney & Bourke, a Christmas gift from my loving husband. It's my first bag made of saffiano leather which I'm loving to bits because of  the beautiful coated finish and top-notch durability. This dome-shaped bag measures  H 9.5" x W 5.25" x L12", which on my standards is medium-sized. 

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It has a zipper closure that glides on smoothly and it comes with two inside pockets, an inner zip pocket, a cellphone pocket and a key hook. I also love that it comes with a set of four studs on the bottom serving as a stand so the bag rests perfectly upright on a flat surface. This can be used as handbag with its top handle or a sling bag with its removable shoulder strap. I actually leave the strap on so I can use the bag either way anytime.

Inside I have my current favorite planner, the (1) Cameron Street Agenda by Kate Spade. You wouldn't believe how I got this for a fraction of its cost during a sale at the Chicago Premium Outlets. Anyway, I'm old school when it comes to planning my days which is why I need a handy planner with me. Good thing this pink Kate Spade agenda fits perfectly in my bag. I'll be talking about this more on a separate entry and let you guys know how it fairs compared to other planners I've used in the past like that of Starbucks, Belle de Jour and Moleskine.

Next is a (2) pocket data planner from Fino Leatherware which I use to list down the names of patients I see in the clinic. I've had this since 2014 and also got it for 50% off during Fino's annual midyear sale. I purchased an affordable refill from National Bookstore the following year and now I decided to get the original 2017 refill from Fino which I'm probably skipping next year to save on money.

I also have this (3) Coach double corner zip wristlet which I snagged from my mom to use as retouch kit containing my carry on beauty essentials. You may think that this is too small but over the years I've finally zeroed in on the products I truly reach for during touch-ups. If you want to know my go-to products for retouching, let me know on the comment section below and I might share it on my next post.

Of course I can't leave home without my (4) Ribbed Zip Wallet by Fino Leatherware, again bought on sale. It has three different compartments for your bills and an inner zip pocket for your coins. It has tons of card slots so you can fit all your cards inside. I like that it features an outer pocket where you can keep stuff you need to take out easily like your parking ticket.

Other smaller stuff in my bag are my (5) Ice Breakers mint candy bought from a local gas station in North Aurora, (6) Pursenal Choice bag hook from True Value, (7) Pocket lint remover from Landers, (8) Bath & Body Works PocketBac sanitizer from the Premium Outlet Store, (9) a key holder I bought from Fino Leatherware a long time ago and lastly my mobile phone which is not included in the picture since I used it to snap the photos used in this entry.

That's a wrap guys! Let me know if you have questions about anything mentioned in this post and I'll try to get back to you the soonest I can. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and have a pleasant week!

👉 Photos taken using iPhone6 Plus
👉 Photoshoot done at Ascott Makati Luxury Serviced Apartments

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