BEAUTY CONCEPTS: Cosmetic Brush Cleaning Mat

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hey everyone! Today I'll be featuring an item which I think all makeup lovers out there shouldn't live without regardless of the brand. I'm talking about a makeup brush cleaning mat. I got mine from Marshalls during my recent trip to the US. If you're not aware what Marshalls is, like I wasn't back then, it's a local shop that offers a wide array of brands sold at marked down prices.

Marshalls' branch in North Aurora has a small beauty section which I really like since I want to see everything on display. They have all sorts of products from drugstore to high-end brands. In one of the shelves, I found this cometic brush cleaning mat by Beauty Concepts. 

First thing I noticed was how it reminded me so much of Sigma's cleaning mat. It doesn't say on the packaging what it's made of but it sure feels like silicone. It has different ridges specifically designed to clean all kinds of makeup brushes. 

The right upper portion of the mat is intended for eye brush cleansing. The ridges are densely packed to get through all the bristles. This area is where all the makeup should be removed. If the brushes need more cleaning, you may hover them over the scrub area in the middle of the mat in a circular motion.

The right lower portion of the mat is where you're supposed to glide the eye brush bristles to rinse off the remaining soap residue. The instructions say to sweep the brush through the same direction as the grooves to help realign the bristles. 

The left upper portion of the mat is intended for face brush cleansing. Notice how the ridges are more shallow and less complex. Swirling through these grooves is a bit easier due to less friction. For further cleansing you may go over the scrub area until water runs clear.

The left lower portion of the mat is for face brush rinsing. The grooves are more distinct and goes in all directions. Same as the eye brush rinsing area, Beauty Concepts suggest to swipe the bristles on the direction of the grooves to regain the original shape.

Underneath the mat you'll find 6 suction cups to keep it in place when used. I usually wet these suction cups first before pressing them against the sink. I find that this makeup cleansing mat has cut my brush cleaning time to half. The grooves effectively remove all traces of makeup with just a few swirls and rinsing was easy as well. The mat simply dries off and can be set aside when not in use. 

Overall, I highly recommend getting a cleansing mat for your brushes. If you're willing to splurge, you may get the Sigma Express Brush Cleaning Mat. Mine only costs $5.99 (Php 300) but Sigma is sold for a steeper tag of Php 1,734. Have you ever tried a cleansing mat when cleaning makeup brushes? Let me know your thoughts on the comments section below. Thank you for reading this post and have a great day!

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