DESTINATION: The Farm at San Benito

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hey everyone! I'm back with another travel blog and this time I'm featuring a beautiful place in the south, The Farm at San Benito. We had the privilege of staying for three days in this wonderful sanctuary and I have to say that it's an experience worth sharing.

You'd know when you're nearing the vicinity when trees and all sorts of plants begin to cave in around your vehicle. Upon entering the gates, you'd immediately get the vibe of being one with nature and away from the hustle and bustle of city life. At the reception, we were warmly welcomed with complimentary drinks by their friendly staff. We were then escorted to the meeting hall and given a brief orientation on the do's and don'ts of the place, what to expect during our stay and the schedule of daily activities.

Don't be surprised to run into different avian species like peacocks roaming around your villa. Unfortunately, we got there towards the end of their mating season when the males have shed their train so we didn't get to see their colorful feathers in action. 

The Farm offers different villas you can choose from depending on how you'd like to enjoy your stay. Luckily, we were assigned in one of the Narra Pool Villas featuring a spacious cottage with its own pool, veranda, walk-in closet, a tub and shower.  The bathroom area takes a lot of getting used to since one side of the wall is made of glass so the towering trees and thick foliage serve as your fence. 

Despite having your own sanctuary, don't miss out on what's happening outside the walls of your villa. Take time to walk around and see the rest of what The Farm has to offer. The healing sanctuary has an infinity pool and offers different spa treatments. I love that I had mine in a relaxing room with a view of their organic garden. They also have outdoor meditation areas, manmade falls and a secret garden. The Farm also offers different activities all day like yoga, fitness walk, meditation and mandala flower arrangement.

The food they serve are mostly vegetables, fruits, tofu prepared meticulously to somehow appear and taste like meat. Some are really good but since I'm not so much of a veggie eater, there were some dishes I didn't get to finish up. 

On our last day, we checked out their boutique to see what to bring home. The Farm actually makes a number of body care products like bath soaps, body salt scrub, body oil, face serum, lip balm, body spray, mosquito repellant spray and so much more! I got a bottle of their Bug Off Spray and Handmade Coconut Soap Bars. 

This Bug Off Spray by The Farm Essentials is housed in a 30ml spray bottle. The very first thing I love about it is the citrus scent. It's the only mosquito repellant I know that doesn't smell like chemical.

The Farm Handmade Coconut Soap comes in several variants. I got Oatmeal which I'm really loving because it feels like a scrub when used directly to soap your skin. I also got Lemongrass which doesn't have the scrub effect of Oatmeal but smells so good and relaxing. I love that this soap bar lathers easily and feels so moisturizing on the skin even after rinsing off. 

Overall, I loved our short but sweet stay in The Farm at San Benito. It's the only one of its kind here in our country which makes it very unique among all other local resorts. The wellness this sanctuary promotes is very timely in today's growing generation of health-conscious individuals. It's a good strategy of jump starting your way back to fitness or to detox from all the hazards of daily living. 

If you're interested in giving this lovely place a try, you may visit their website here and start planning a few days away from the city with friends or loved ones. Let me know when you do! Thank you and have a great weekend.

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