RANDOM: Kikay Kit Makeover

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Hey everyone! A close friend recently told me how exhausting my bag looks. You see, I always make sure I have everything with me which is probably why I bring tons of stuff around. I habitually bring two bags to work, one for my essentials (wallet, cellphones, makeup) and another for the rest of my personal belongings (gadgets, medical tools, umbrella). Lately I've been trying to limit the stuff I bring with me which is why I'm decluttering the first thing I can't leave home without, my makeup pouch or kikay kit as most of us call it.

By the way, I'm using an adorable makeup pouch from Estee Lauder that I absolutely love because despite the size, it really doesn't take up much space in my bag. For the sake of sharing with you how much of a hoarder I am, I'll be mentioning all the stuff I always bring in my kikay kit in no particular order and decide which ones to keep or replace. 

I am not a lipstick lady but somehow I have three in my kit. The MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in brick-o-la is my ultimate favorite lipstick from MAC, the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick which is my current favorite, and this sampler from bareMinerals called Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in the shade get ready. Other lip products in my kit are the Armada Moisturising Protective Lip Balm 60+ and Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig. In this category, I will be keeping Too Faced as my everyday color and Armada for lip protection.

Although I don't usually touch-up with powder, I make sure to always bring one just in case. For the longest time I've been carrying around the Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder. I use it as a finishing powder because it gives my skin a sheer glow. I apply this using a small face brush from my bareMinerals' Get Started Kit which I store in a velvet black pouch that came with my Guerlain Meteorites Powder brush. For this group of products I'll b replacing Laura Mercier with a smaller compact, the bareMinerals Bareskin Perfecting Veil which is an equally great powder.

I always bring an oil blotter and just recently I was given one by a good friend. The packaging is labeled in Japanese so I can't really tell the brand. It comes in a slim pack and the contents are basically inter-folded paper. These are smaller than the usual oil blotters I'm used to and are lightly dusted with powder. I like how it effectively absorbs the oil on your skin and how it instantly mattifies your face. You can actually do away with powder if you have this in your retouch kit. I recently brought this with me during an event and it doesn't ruin full coverage makeup! Great huh? For all those reasons mentioned, I'm definitely keeping this oil blotter.

Other essentials in my kit are hand sanitizer, lotion and perfume. I am obsessed with Bath & Body Works PocketBac anti-bacterial hand gel in Rock Star fragrance. I love the sweet, fruity scent and how it's sprinkled with tiny glitters that make your hands sparkle. After running out of my ultimate favorite perfume, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray, I've been using Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty. I love the fresh, floral scent that's not too overpowering hence great for everyday use. The lotion I'm using is L'occitane Hand Cream for dry skin which really comes in handy especially after hand washing or sanitizing. I'll be keeping the PocketBac but I'm replacing the lotion and perfume with travel-sized ones to save space. Instead, I'll be bringing my L'occitane body lotion and Eau De Toilette, both in Verbena.

Beauty tools I carry around in my kikay kit are toothpicks, sewing kit, nail clipper, hair clip and a brush. I got the toothpicks from Mumuso while the sewing kit is from our recent stay at Nobu Hotel. I love my Hello Kitty nail clipper because it's designed to collect the nail trimmings at the bottom hence keeping them from flying all over the place. I usually wear my hair loose but whenever I feel the need to tie it I always use this metal clip by Goody.

I'm also loving my hair brush from Denman because it folds into a small compact which is easier to store. It also comes with a mirror so I don't have to bring one separately. The compact design actually protects the bristles from getting tangled with other stuff in the kit as well as the mirror from being scratched, or worse, crushed. These tools have served me well and are in travel sizes hence will all stay in my kikay kit.

My former makeup bag has always been overflowing with stuff I don't actually get to use everyday. Now, I've downsized the contents by 30% and hopefully these are enough to keep me through the day. That's about everything! Thank you for sticking around this far and if you have any questions please leave them on the comments section below and I'll get back to you the soonest I can. See you on my next post and have a great weekend!

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