STAYCATION: To bring or not to bring edition

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hello everyone! It's just a few more days until Christmas and I'm still on the lookout for gifts. I've been to 3 different malls in the past weeks but haven't really bought anything yet hoping I could find better ones elsewhere. Good thing I had to be in Makati for an event because I really want to see what other malls have. Anyway, it's been a while since I last set foot in the country's business district particularly in Makati Shangri-La Hotel. I've been there before to attend several occasions and I'm impressed that it's still as beautiful as I remember it.

In accordance with the government's anti-smoking campaign, the entire hotel is now smoke-free and being an asthmatic, this news is music to my ears. I love the ample space of the room as well as the bath area which includes a well-lighted vanity, a separate shower cubicle and tub. I like how it's equipped with all the features that high-end hotels offer. This is why I tend to pack less than usual when staying in a fancy hotel because most of my overnight essentials are already there.

Despite the vast amenities and free stuff, I still bring some personal items I prefer using. This post is actually intended to share with you what to bring and not to bring when packing for an overnight stay specifically at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. I'm also throwing in a few comments on their service, breakfast buffet and overall feel of my short but sweet stay. Shall we begin?

What NOT to bring:

1. Tooth brush
Practically all hotels never miss including a couple of tooth brushes in the vanity. There are some who throw in good quality brushes so you may skip bringing one. Other fancy hotels even feature brushes of different types and colors to help identify which one's yours. Although you can bring your own especially if you have sensitive gums.

2. Body wash/soap
Another thing off your packing list is bath soap or shower gel. Makati Shang in particular features a clear body wash that smells clean and fresh. I love that it lathers easily and doesn't leave your skin feeling dry.

3. Shampoo
I have low maintenance hair which is why I use the free shampoo in any hotel I've stayed in. So far I haven't had any untoward experience with them same as the one provided by Makati Shang so it's quite okay not to bring your own if you have future plans of a staycation in this hotel.

4. Slippers
I have to admit loving the fluffy slippers in luxury hotels which is why I always end up bringing them home with me. I only pack extra rubber slippers when I'm sure to hit the pool during my stay. Bringing your own might vary depending on what you intend to do on your staycation, otherwise this is an item you can cross off your list.

What to bring:

1. Tooth paste
The reason being, hotels just include a teeny winey tube with the tooth brush so you may want to bring your own travel-sized tooth paste. This also holds true for when you prefer using a specific brand of tooth paste.

2. Facial wash
Though body wash can double as facial wash, I still believe you need a product specifically formulated for the face to prevent break outs and skin irritation. This is why I always bring my own face wash or scrub when I'm away. I actually see it as an opportunity to finally make use of sample tubes I get from various brands that offer gifts with purchase like Clinique.

3. Hair conditioner
There's no compromise when it comes to bringing your own conditioner. I always regret not bringing one on several occasions because even fancy hotels tend to provide conditioners that don't do as much for my tresses. I can only count the times when I was satisfied with the free conditioner, one time was at Shangri-La BGC and another time in Ascott Makati. I didn't get to try the one from Makati Shang since I brought my own but I do have high hopes. I prefer bringing sachets so I can just throw them out after use.

4. Snacks
Now this may sound off topic but I still think you need to bring a light snack like crackers or chips to satisfy small cravings. Remember, items at the mini bar as well as room service cost too much and it seems impractical to splurge on snacks that you can buy for way less in the grocery.

The hotel service, as expected, is top notch! The staff were always willing to help and there was never a moment when I felt unattended. You know how you get impatient in a restaurant because you've been waving your hands too long just to get anyone's attention? Well, you won't get that in Makati Shang. I felt like they can read my mind and it didn't take forever to call a staff for help.

The breakfast buffet, in my opinion is quite good although I've seen better spreads in others. I love their chicken adobo the most. Overall, I had a great time in Makati Shangri-La and I can't wait to come back. Any plans of having a staycation soon? Let me know how it goes when you do. Have a wonderful day!

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